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Synonyms for univalent

used of a chromosome that is not paired or united with its homologous chromosome during synapsis

having a valence of 1

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Since univalent functions are one-to-one, they are invertible and the inverse functions need not be defined on the entire unit disk U.
We observe that each dmt-string has two univalent vertices and that all other vertices are trivalent.
The isosteric univalent replacement of hydroxal group by amino group can be illustrated with 4-amino-4-deoxyderivative (aminopterin), its N10- and its N10-Methyl derivative (methotrexate) and folic acid.
Keywords and Phrases: Analytic functions, Convex, Hadamard product, Subordination principle, Subordinating factor sequence, Univalent.
His formula for feminine jouissance is an attempt to suggest psychoanalysis' non-thetic awareness of the limits of the law in a way that cannot be fully articulated within the symbolic formulations of the predicate calculus, which as the most univalent and precise formalization of the phallic order, represents the phallic order par excellence.
Further, by S we will denote the class of all functions in A which are univalent in U.
Univalent function is a function which does not take the same value twice, f([z.
Other contributions explore univalent subordination chains in reflexive complex Banach spaces, bivariate polynomial interpolation at the Geronimus nodes, boundary value problems for the Beltrami equations, and bisection of geodesic segments in hyperbolic geometry.
Though the mood remains solemn and mournful, the relationship between the work's content (the loss of species, habitats, and geographical features) and its means of delivery (a string of facts issued from a digital feed) is too univalent and literal to sustain deeper engagement.
A hindering effect on reproductive organs and functionality of RF EMFs has also been established, but SCENIHR recognizes that studies provide controversial results and univalent conclusion can not be made; again methodological errors are pointed out [14].
Interaction of flavonoids with ascorbate and determination of their univalent redox potentials: a pulse radiolysis study.
This empirical response argues that, even if the "objective happiness" measurement framework is only applicable to a subset of experiences--univalent ones--the framework remains a useful tool, because most experiences are univalent.
Bivalent DTIs block thrombin at both the active site and exosite 1,whereas univalent DTIs bind only to the active site.