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  • verb

Synonyms for unitize

divide (bulk material) and process as units

make into a unit


Related Words

separate or classify into units

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There are also a number of suppliers that offer equipment that can unitize, stretchwrap and apply labels.
When Hershey engineers automated the palletizing room last summer, they arranged four palletizers, many feet of conveyor, a transfer car and an automatic stretch wrapper-enough equipment to automatically unitize 40 loads per hour-into just 7,000 square feet of space.
Included in the line is the next generation of Telex's state-of-the-art Status 50 Digital headset, the only headset to unitize digital signal processing technology to block damaging noises other ANR headsets can't reach.
Stretchwrap is then applied to the entire pallet to protect the outer layers of the label material and further unitize the load.
Managers found they also had to automate their stretch wrapping operation in order to safely unitize and protect loads of hay, alfalfa, and wood shavings for long international shipments to Pacific Rim markets as distant as Korea and Taiwan.
It unitizes approximately 20 to 30 loads per hour at a maximum speed of nine rotations per minute.