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Synonyms for unitary

characterized by or constituting a form of government in which power is held by one central authority

having the indivisible character of a unit


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The Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are unitary states; Malaysia is federated.
The Unitary Patent System and UPC are on the horizon in Europe because the relevant treaty and European legislation are all in place and the preparatory work is well under way to create the Unitary Patent with a Court that can handle disputes relating to it affecting over 400 million consumers in 25 separate European countries," explained MacDonald.
Several changes were made in the conceptual system as it evolved from the Life Process Model to the Science of Unitary Man to the Science of Unitary Human Beings.
Section 2 lists a few applications of the unitary eigenvalue problem, and Section 3 provides an overview of previous work.
To be included in a unitary business tax return, the affiliated businesses must be members of a group engaged in the same trade or business.
But Middlesbrough councillor Mike Carr, who was then the leader of Middlesbrough Council and was at the forefront of the borough's campaign to have four unitary councils on Teesside, said it would provide for more effective co-ordination and planning of services at a local level.
The unitary system means that patentees will have the option to apply to the European Patent Office (EPO, a body of the European Patent Organisation) for an EU unitary patent valid across the 25 participating member states.
When applied to partnerships with one or more unitary partners (partners whose business activities are integrated and interdependent), the impact of this provision may be substantially reduced or eliminated because partnerships and unitary partners combine their nexus profiles.
Eritrea had also demanded a federal system for Ethiopia but the brutal imposition of a unitary system ultimately caused the breakup of Ethiopia with Eritrea becoming independent.
com)-- The European Patent Office (EPO) welcomed the adoption by the European Parliament in Strasbourg today of two draft regulations on the creation of the unitary patent, hailing it as a historic achievement.
Sefcovic who was speaking at the press conference of the EU General Affairs Council together with Cypriot Deputy Minister for European Affairs Andreas Mavroyiannis, said that there are many successes achieved by the Cyprus EU Presidency but placed emphasis on the agreement reached on the EU unitary patent package.
Leaders of the unitary authority - which was created on April 1 last year following the abolition of the old county and six district councils - claimed it has made significant improvements for local people and chalked up a number of achievements.
Therefore, it is mandatory that the unitary operators (which are used for modelling quantum computations) are proved to have implementations that are based only on fault tolerant quantum gates.
As an outcome of the books Louck (Los Alamos National Laboratory) and Biedenharm published in the 1980s, one plan was to extend the results for SU2 (which is a quantum mechanical rotation group of 2x2 unitary unimodular matrices) to the general unitary group U(n), based on their 30 years of collaboration.
COUNCIL chiefs consulting on the name for a new unitary authority have been told: "Leave it the same.