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a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles)

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On June 29, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) announced that it would now allow competitors to wear full-body unitards under the compulsory weightlifting attire.
Rogers, who said he was aware Kelly was wearing the uniform for religious reasons, offered her several alternatives to conform to the rules while still respecting her faith, the main one being her donning a plain T-shirt over her unitard and then wearing her team uniform over it.
LONG BEACH -- Brett Horn wore a bright red unitard, white boxing gloves with horns sewn on, plastic foam wrapped in tan felt on his face and dreadlocks made from red felt and stuffed with cotton.
In the dim blue glimmer of a large TV screen, Ben Stiller in his green unitard, flirted deadpan with the trophy models, three lovely young women who sat in canvas chairs flung with bathrobes.
Donning his Captain Canada unitard and cape (figuratively speaking, of course), Hillier tore up the rulebook that prohibits commercial endorsement.
Choose from a leotard, cropped top, unitard, leggings or cycle shorts.
The colour is also critical since it must tone in with the unitard I'm wearing," he explained.
I remember shopping for that perfect unitard while auditioning for The Lion King, "she says.
The 27-year-old singer first appeared in a nun's habit and square headdress, while later black unitard-clad dancers helped her change into a blue miniskirt and jacket with oversized shoulder pads, a black unitard and eventually a thong bikini decorated in shells.
Though some might not see a big change in the brief-less Superman, the "Man of Steel" look makes the hero seem more rugged, with the blue unitard looking like a kind of armor, as noted by Yahoo.
He's running like a professional wrestler in a unitard," one blogger wrote.
The IWF policy change, which now allows a full-body unitard under the compulsory weightlifting attire, came following intervention by CAIR in the case of a Muslim weightlifter in Georgia who wishes to compete while covering her hair, arms and legs.
TONIGHT'S puzzler for the writers at Moving Wallpaper (the real ones, not the on-screen ones) is how to get producer Jonathan (Ben Miller) into a skin-tight blue lycra unitard covered in light-bulbs.
Dressed in a flowing chiffon cover-up over white unitard, Kent's cover picture illustrated the point: This is a new generation of ballerinas.
The vehicle's sole occupant is a thin, lithe woman wearing a white unitard and skullcap.