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a regulated investment company consisting of professional managers who issue redeemable securities representing a portfolio of many different securities

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Razak said, In the spirit of the ASEAN economic community, and to further encourage growth and competition within the unit trust industry, I am pleased to announce today that the equity shareholding for unit trust management companies will also be liberalized .
For Manulife Holdings Berhad, this acquisition brings a captive distribution force of more than 1,100 professional unit trust advisers as well as 27 unit trust funds, of which 19 are Employees Provident Fund approved funds.
If you are not comfortable with the thought that your savings might go down as well as up in value, a unit trust is possibly not right for you.
John Browning, director of Incapital's Unit Trust Division, said, 'Our agreement with Goldman Sachs underscores our commitment to work with the leading global firms in the industry to provide financial professionals with quality products.
The increase in ISA and unit trust sales is particularly pleasing.
It shows that over one in five (21 per cent) in this age group have taken out a stocks and shares ISA or unit trust and 23 per cent of this group say they are going to use their additional ISA allowance before 5 April 2010(3).
Franck-Steier Price represented Schroder Emerging Retail Property Unit Trust and City and Wharf acted for a private purchaser.
At the same time the number of unit trust and OEIC ISAs in existence fell from 8.
Wealthy investors have been warned about the long-term viability of 'private' authorised unit trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies.
Where a provider doesn't specify an ethical fund, it's still worth checking if one is available, as many stock market funds including unit trusts, investment trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICS) ( pooled investments similar to unit trusts ( can be placed in a pension wrapper.
One answer is that it is easier for financial advisers to collect commission on investments made in a unit trust.
As I have already paid the maximum to my ISA, is a unit trust or an investment trust the best investment?
Basudeb Sen, executive director of Unit Trust of India, the country's largest mutual fund, has put the size of the potential market at $92 billion.
The Hong Kong government plans to sell shares it acquired during its market intervention last August by launching a unit trust product, the Hong Kong Exchange Fund Investment Ltd.
A sensible way often employed is to buy either a unit trust or an investment trust.