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YouTube), the multimedia unit of measurement is alarming because of the potential influence that video has on consumer site visits.
R&R is also expressed in the same unit of measurement as the parts being measured, but can also be expressed as a percentage of the tolerance, the process or the total variation.
4) To see the effect of changing the unit of measurement, we perform this aggregation using both patient and patient day as the unit of measurement.
His habit of using the tatami mat as a unit of measurement gives this building, like others he has designed, a human dimension.
It's important for consumers to understand the unit of measurement before ordering firewood," said Fred L.
8 million TEU (A unit of measurement used in the shipping business) in 2005.
A Unit Price is an amount stated in the Base Bid as a price per unit of measurement for material,
Which imperial unit of measurement is equivalent to 25.
The research has found that a daily supplement of the vitamin at a dose of 700-1000 IU (an international unit of measurement for vitamins) reduces the risk of falling among older people by 19 percent, while a dose of less than that has no effect.
The Liberty(TM) BGMS features a number of unique functions including a unit of measurement safety lock designed to prevent misinterpretation of results, a double redundant power supply for more reliable data memory, 6 user settable alarms, and both hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic alerts.
When Wales ceases to be the unit of measurement for a disaster, you can be sure that it really is a mega-disaster.
What unit of measurement is equal to one nautical mile per hour?
Although the reported grams per tonne are correct, where the table header describes the splits for Pt, Pd, Rh and Au, the unit of measurement should clearly have read "ppb", not "ppm".
The power supply is set to price eurosuro expressed per unit of measurement used in the context of a market-type MCI (counting market sharing) adjusted savings or excess consumption as detailed in CCTP, : - Benefits p2.
the danger area and leviEnmisennusteen, : - 10 pcs data 10 km (from sensors command post) : - 10 pcs unit of measurement sensors including a 3 piece (CW, TIC, Radiation, Biological) : - 10 pcs weather station; : Quick detection method of biological substances.