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Similar to the article unit of measurement, Malec's (1994) recommendations were used when deciding to include only photographs dedicated solely to females or males.
She explained that the unit of feet that the other school had used was not really a person's feet but was a standard unit of measurement just like the inch.
AV is also expressed in the unit of measurement of the parts measured.
This raises three important issues: the choice of aggregation weights, the choice of unit of measurement, and the choice of aggregation criteria.
RC felt that using "dollar" as the unit of measurement could be acceptable if the interests of all the beneficiaries are identical.
This occurs when the part-to-part variation is less than the smallest unit of measurement and the differences between parts will be lost.
Juran, on the other hand, believes that to evaluate actual performance there needs to be a unit of measurement, a sensor that can evaluate performance in terms of the unit of measurement.
Efforts to better gauge excessive noise have included developing an alternative unit of measurement.
Water, when it leaves a treatment plant, must have a turbidity below 1 NTU (a specially defined unit of measurement related to how much light is scattered by the particles in a sample of water).
Quickly seeing the inconsistency in the size of any hand or foot as a unit of measurement, young readers learn along with the characters that a unit of measurement must be standard to determine precisely how tall Milton is.
The unit of measurement was a pint bottle, but I can't remember whether it fetched a bob or half a crown.