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a scalar matrix in which all of the diagonal elements are unity

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A + B)(A - B) = 0, which is the basic of Dirac's decomposition method into 2x2 unit matrix and Pauli matrix [6].
If rank(A) = rank(A | B) = l([less than or equal to] m), then using the above elementary row operations, it is possible to find a unit matrix of order l, which may be exploited to find an initial bfs of the LP problem (1).
About 100 officers have been placed on the investigation, supported by 200 staff from the Merseyside Police gun crime unit Matrix which was set up two years ago to tackle the problem.
The unit matrix SOP should be the result of individual staff analysis by phases defined by the executive officer.
Head of Merseyside Police unit Matrix Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Richardson said: "This is a large and sophisticated cannabis factory containing thousands of plants across 11 growing rooms.
p)--(kxl)--the matrix; E--(m x m)--the unit matrix.
The big M method and the two-phases way are usually adopted to construct a unit matrix as a initial basis.
where P is the direct sum of the unit matrix of order 2 x 2 and a null matrix i.
Yesterday the force's anti-gang unit Matrix remained on site dismantling the factory, which was spread across 11 rooms.
i]{D} correspond to line "i" in the 8th order unit matrix.