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calculated cost for a given unit of a product

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The data show that prescription drug trends tend to lag shifts in inflation while trends in inpatient unit costs don't show any obvious relation to inflation shifts," continues Blitzer.
The unit cost from the new nuclear power plants could have been easily decreased somewhat by going for an older version with fewer safety features like single containment instead of double containment, but that would have been contrary to our policy of according the highest priority to safety", official concluded.
At the same time, the risk management approach gave them the ability to use the vehicle unit cost tool to measure and analyze their processes, allowing them to improve, then exercise control over their work.
In reality; unit cost is not an efficiency measure for two reasons.
Table 2 also indicates that the change in the finishing scrap rate on total unit costs is about the same as the change in the casting scrap rate; that is, a 0.
But if you start comparing one company's unit costs to another, all variances are dismissed because it is impossible to compare apples to oranges.
Contract notice: Estimates of unit costs in workshops and integration projects (within the meaning of articles l5132-15 and following of the labour code).
For usage of up to 20 kilowatts during peak hours, per unit cost has been increased to Rs 16.
But the volatility of the line from a high of 299 in 1987 to a low of 21 in 2002 adds to industrial base workforce instability and increasing unit cost.
Invest in process and technology that will provide accuracy and efficiency in dealing with channel partners (reducing unit cost of transactions);
Because standard output measures - quality, response time, flexibility, and unit cost - that have dominated manufacturing thinking over the last 20 years are difficult to apply to diverse industries, we focused on the generic managerial processes key to governing a plant.
One was a special seasonal rate which evened out the unit costs between summer (typically low unit cost for heating purposes) and winter (typically high cost).
The outlook for regulated electric utilities is mildly negative, reflecting rising capex and other expense elements that will contribute to the increasing unit cost of utility service.
This quarterly unit cost improvement demonstrates increasing traction in cost control," Dunne said.