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the smallest group of atoms or molecules whose repetition at regular intervals in three dimensions produces the lattices of a crystal

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Figure 16 shows the deformed shapes of the unit cells with a void and a particle under tension at the nominal tensile strain of 50%.
This model consisted of a single unit cell comprising one blade of the heat-sink-impeller, as shown in Figure 6.
We interpret (10) as the size of the unit cell in the curved momentum space.
p2] between the neighboring unit cells and the bridge connecting the adjacent unit cells as the inductor Lb.
A typical CRLH unit cell consists of a feed line that is electromagnetically coupled to a metallic patch and a meandered line connected to the ground plane through metallic via [21].
Figure 6(b) shows how the 18-by-10 unit cells composed of two cross bowties with the chip resistors in Unit Cell II form a 540 mm x 300 mm planar absorber.
This paper presents a compact co-planar waveguide (CPW)-based zeroth-order resonant antenna with interleaving CRLH unit cells.
As the free spaces inside the unit cells close (with progress of sintering), air gets entrapped in the polymer melt by diffusion.
The thin dielectric provides embedded planar capacitance capability, which represents one of the constituent elements of the CLRH metamaterials antenna unit cells.
Using NIST*LATTICE (18), the matrices relating the unit cells for the structures were calculated.
2008) multi-band filters are obtained by cascading unit cells taken from different HISs.
In this research, the artificial material is considered to be composed of similar unit cells which contain particles which are metal rods.
Chemists and physicists explain techniques by which nuclear magnetic resonance imaging can provide illuminate the disposition of atoms in the unit cells of crystals, and can ferret out information about the crystal structures that is inaccessible by diffraction methods.