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Synonyms for unison

in unison: simultaneously


in unison: together

Words related to unison

corresponding exactly

Related Words

occurring together or simultaneously

(music) two or more sounds or tones at the same pitch or in octaves

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We are very pleased to have Qatar Airways as a key customer on this strategic materials agreement," Unison President Giovanni Spitale said.
They added claimants, mostly low-paid Unison members, will receive details of their settlement "in due course".
Sergei Shalai added that Unison commenced assembling Opel Mokka cars in May.
Even though this is a victory for Unison, the branch committee wish to make it clear to members that Unison has only suspended the industrial action.
This new agreement provides Unison customers further access to cutting edge products in one of the fastest growing market segments - infection prevention.
Mike Grunza, president of Unison Industries, said, "We have been developing this innovative technology for several years and we believe we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with our Integrated Fin Technology.
Thelma Parry, Unison Anglesey Branch Officer, said: "Unison members are understandably extremely angry about any attempts threaten closure of our residential care homes.
We are honored to partner with Unison to deliver the standards-based networking platform underpinning its innovative smart grid strategy, said Scott Lang, CEO of Silver Spring Networks.
Unison officials sent out more than 980 ballot papers to its members recently.
One longstanding Unison insider, who did not wish to be named, said: "Margaret Thomas has not previously worked in Wales and has no knowledge about devolution nor the political situation in Wales.
Unison West Midlands Secretary Ravi Subramanian said Mr Raine was speaking only for himself when he made the comments.
uk or write to us at Local Government, UNISON, Freepost WC5652, London, WC1H 9BR.
Unison Media Fidelity Service will support handset access to video on demand and streaming video in all formats, while adapting the content to device and media player capabilities.
They were doing so because of "the breakdown of industrial relations between Unison and the management of the Ambulance Service.
When rent from the site goes away, the landlord ceases to receive revenue," said Mitch Kogen, managing director of Unison Site Management.