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relating to only one sex or having only one type of sexual organ

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Flowers usually unisexual, the plants monoecious; perianth absent; staminate flowers with 1-3 stamens; filaments capillary; anthers narrowly linear, 2-4 mm long, apex usually mucronate or awned; pistillate flowers with one pistil; styles longer than stigmas; stigmas (2) 3, capillary.
All subjects (80 adult male and female zebra finches) lived in two unisexual adult groups of conspecifics in 3 x 3 x 2 m aviaria near Seville, Spain, where water and food (seeds and vegetables) were supplied ad libitum.
Allahiym is neither a proper name nor singular nor unisexual.
Todos los ejemplares se asignaron a la especie Lepidodactylus lugubris, los cuales resultaron ser hembras, lo que podria sugerir que la poblacion sea netamente unisexual.
These mating types are capable of completing a sexual (meiotic) cycle that is either heterosexual (between a and [alpha]) or unisexual (nonclassical union between [alpha] and [alpha] or a and a; also known as monokaryotic fruiting) (21).
As what are a hazel's unisexual apetalous flowers better known?
The flowers are apetalous (flowers having no petals) and unisexual and borne in panicles.
Different flower sexes and breeding systems have been reported for Bromeliaceae (Table 1) ranging from bisexual flowers to unisexual flowers and from xenogamy to cleistogmy.
However, the American "guys" seems to be gaining a certain unisexual appeal.
25) Freud would explain his theory of homosexuality and his castration theory in Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, wherein he describes genital sexuality's developmental role in the subject's object-choice sexuality: "These long-familiar facts of anatomy lead us to suppose that an originally bisexual physical disposition has, in the course of evolution, become modified into a unisexual one, leaving behind only a few traces of the sex that has become atrophied" (7).
At the same time the church does not deny help to those unfortunate people who are possessed with this ailment," the statement said, adding that the action of the General Convention in approving "a possibility of blessing unisexual marriages" was "a great danger" because it signaled a growing tolerance of such action.