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Synonyms for unironed

(of linens or clothes) not ironed


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The lines on the old man's face looked like the creases of an unironed shirt.
At Le Paquis, Fisher performs the tasks of a waiter; she writes that she "set out tumblers, plates, silver, smooth, unironed napkins" (665).
GETTING THE RHYTHM: You oversleep and walk in late and unironed for your Big Meeting, plus you're limping from tripping over the curb on the way in.
Unironed shirts, slack ties, made-up faces and hairspray.
In our house the arrival of I'm a Celebrity straight after the X Factor results show also means the kids may have to go to school with unironed shirts from now until Christmas.
In life (I can't speak for death, yet), there are few more disheartening sights than the unironed shirt, the ill-chosen hat, the poorly matched handbag.
Just like other women can appreciate, I drive to work putting my mascara on, I am always unironed and sometimes put my knickers on the wrong way round.
Because, sunshine, any bird with a coupon like an unironed shirt wouldn't be allowed within spitting distance of the box.
She has painted them ironed and unironed, with dots and without, and always on the wire coathangers which have become a trademark.
37 vests, no skirts or trousers, assorted odd shoes, a number of unironed garments I have mistaken for far more useful items, at least one "wishful thinking" item that is too small, and something completely useless which was near the suitcase while I was packing and accidentally got knocked in.
But I'd previously been wearing a jumper, basking in my ability to wear any old unironed shirt underneath.
And this is not a shabby club venue that lets you get away with the unironed look easily.
Robert Redford may not be able to wear his unironed face any more, he can at leaststil l hold his own in a pair of Levi's as we'll soon see in his new movie The Horse Whisperer.