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Synonyms for uniqueness

the quality or condition of being unique

Synonyms for uniqueness

the quality of being one of a kind

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Boots close by has a similar uniqueness, with the bonus you can walk of the high street in Redcar, shop in Boots, walk through to Pacittos Ices, enjoy coffee and cake topped off with a lemon top ice cream before going on to one of the best beaches in the Northeast.
He claims that at dignity's "positive center" is "a belief in one's uniqueness together with the uniqueness of every human being.
The court held that in fact, the lack of comparable property is alone sufficient evidence of uniqueness for purposes of business-loss damages.
Tian, Bearden, and Hunter (2001) introduced the Consumer's Need for Uniqueness (CNFU) measure, encompassing consumer counterconformity and avoidance of similarity.
There was a lengthy debate about the uniqueness of Christ.
In this brilliant piece of interdisciplinary scholarship, van Huyssteen weaves together insights from evolutionary epistemology, theology, and paleoanthropology in addressing the complex subject of human uniqueness.
Wentzel van Huyssteen believes that scientists and theologians are both talking about the uniqueness of humans, so he sets out to explore what he considers the uncharted waters of the interdisciplinary relationship between theological anthropology and paleoanthropology.
She attributes the stock's dramatic rise to its efficiency, uniqueness and its avoiding the high-tech industry before the crash some years ago.
A spot-on accurate cross-section of insights into the uniqueness of not only individual life, but also the seemingly commonplace phenomena that affects it.
The commercial's five painting styles speak to the uniqueness of individuals and each's ability to see the world differently.
The uniqueness of a nation is often demonstrated in its culture.
Drawing from the notes for his lecture series for the CBMS-NSF conference "Graph Algebras: Operator Algebras We Can See" in May and June 2004, Raeburn explains directed graphs and Cuntz-Krieger families, uniqueness theorems for graph algebras, proofs of the uniqueness theorems, simplicity and ideal structure, arbitrary graphs, applications to non-abelian duality, K-theory of graph algebras, Cuntz-Pimsner algebras, topological graphs, and higher-rank graphs.
TSI's interest in the Hudson Square area speaks directly to the increasing draw and uniqueness of the Hudson Square neighborhood", commented Carl Weisbrod, the new President of Trinity Real Estate.
The diversity among the participating organizations contributes to its uniqueness.