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Synonyms for uniqueness

the quality or condition of being unique

Synonyms for uniqueness

the quality of being one of a kind

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"Every city has its uniqueness and the development has to be based on the uniqueness of the city.
Thus, visitors of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with all the richness and uniqueness of Russian artistic culture through the example of brilliant icon painting of the 18th - early 20th centuries, created by the best masters of the new time, who preserved and embodied in their works the richest experience of Russian masters.
Therefore, we suggest that negative cues may contribute to the perception of uniqueness in art appreciation.
Barzani pointed to the existence of intensive dialogue with the Iraqi parties in order to form a higher council for policies and strategic planning, in which the Kurds and the rest of the Iraqi components participate, to carry out the task of issuing important decisions, to prevent the violation of the Constitution and the uniqueness of the government, and to prevent all persons and parties to repeat the crimes committed against the people " .
So, lefties go celebrate your uniqueness. It's your day!
UNIFEMGA said the uniqueness of this year's event is the inclusion of a 'networking dinner' on Friday, May 4, to be anchored by the chairman, Board of Trustees, National Council of Nigerian Muslim Organisations (NCNMO), United States of America, Alhaji Marshal Sulayman, on the topic 'NCNMO Vision 2025 and the Handshake with the Nigerian Muslim Ummah.'
"Those behind it lay claim to moral leadership in this world and declare their exclusiveness and uniqueness," she said on Facebook, TASS reported.
Fear of Uniqueness: Another reason why people fight great ideas is because they feel intimidated when someone else digs deep into levels of uniqueness that they're unwilling to pursue.
Every vote for the DAP is akin to giving power to the Pakatan Harapan (PH) pact to eliminate the purported Malay 'special rights' and the 'uniqueness' of Islam, according to Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.
'Need', yet again, is brought about by the uniqueness for the existence of a Nation State.
The question of existence and uniqueness of solution of differential equations and differential systems is an age-old problem and it has a great importance, as much in theory as in applications.
Our products sophistication, uniqueness - hope the cafe a relaxing customers The first 20 shoppers through the doors will also receive a gift card with a value between PS5 and PS100.
Uniqueness and Metaepistemology, DANIEL GRECO and BRIAN HEDDEN
Summary: 'We need to take pride in our own uniqueness,' says actress at Women Economic Forum 2017