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Synonyms for uniqueness

the quality or condition of being unique

Synonyms for uniqueness

the quality of being one of a kind

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Nation States that are not as blessed as Pakistan, that has uniqueness embedded from inception in its ideology, often develop a uniqueness to survive, rise and progress.
The study of uniqueness opens you up to insights into the subject of confidence.
As one of the world's few cocoa growing chocolatiers, our products offer sophistication, style and uniqueness.
The article argues that Uniqueness vindicates these two roles for rational evaluations, while Permissivism clashes with them.
My lesson in life has been that we need to take pride in our own uniqueness and be comfortable in what you have.
The need for uniqueness is associated with Snyder and Fromkin's (1977) uniqueness theory, according to which this need arises when an individual feels that his or her distinctiveness is threatened and, therefore, makes an effort to distinguish himself or herself from others.
2007) and need for uniqueness (Swami, 2012; Tate & Shelton, 2008; Tiggemann & Golder, 2006; Tiggemann & Hopkins, 2011) in tattooed versus non-tattooed individuals.
To the Editor: The article titled "Every Snowflake Is Not Unique" in the January 2015 issue tries to address the question of uniqueness of snowflakes.
Tenders are invited for Production and supply of reflective identification code and holographic stickers for taxi cabs and 2D signature uniqueness of official documents for the period 2015-2016 year.
Participants were trained for Samsung's flag ship product line and its uniqueness.
I wanted a restaurant in agreement with myself and the uniqueness of my work, a uniqueness I look forward to sharing with the rest of the world.
He concludes that Finnish culture is not unique and that this claim to uniqueness springs from a sense of national inferiority when set against the rest of Europe.
The Earth Uniqueness Theory was the inference developed by the late, great Russian astrophysicist Iosif Shklovsky.
The judge further instructed the jury that ABM's difficulty relocating in the area was not evidence of the property's uniqueness.
presents 17 papers that explore the question of the uniqueness of the Jewish Holocaust in comparison to other examples of genocide or mass death and the implications of different perspectives on whether the Holocaust is unique.