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so as to be unique

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DESTIN, FL, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Tresha Brown, Merchant Manager of The Village of Baytowne Wharf, today announced that Uniquely Chic, SOHO Cabana Boutique and American Doll have brought more refreshingly unique shopping experiences to this vibrant locale.
Uniquely Designed Jewelry will also be a part of New York City 's upcoming Fashion week Sept.
Campbell said she opened Uniquely Greek because she thought Conway needed a store for the campus community and for the community as a whole.
With over 65 teams in more than 40 markets across the United States, the Private Client Group represents private investors in marketing and trading assets that are uniquely suited to the private capital arena.
Perhaps uniquely among politicians, Tancredo realizes that the United States is the sole remaining exemplar and defender of Western Civilization.
A commercial identifier can be considered for use as a DoD UID equivalent if it meets all of these criteria: (1) Must contain an enterprise identifier, (2) Must uniquely identify an individual item within an enterprise identifier, product, or part number, and (3) Must have an existing Data Identifier (DI) or Application Identifier (AI) listed in American National Standard (ANS) MH10.
Our uniquely independent American judiciary is the cornerstone of our society's social and economic stability.
Little Feat had a uniquely funky New Orleans feel that recalled the Meters.
GraphLogic delivered a software system uniquely customized to our processes in less time than it would have taken to install an off-the-shelf application.
KENT, England, May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Uniquely British Ltd.
Hubbard, executive managing director of Sheldon Good & Company Auctions Northeast, said: "Chateau a la Pointe is arguably one of the most uniquely designed 'trophy homes' we've seen in quite awhile, an edifice in which both the architect and decorator were given almost carte blanche to create a one of a kind environment that is truly a statement in itself.
And those who wish to rally around the flag have friends in very high places: "The flag uniquely symbolizes the ideas of liberty, equality, and tolerance," asserts Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
Army, we have a thorough understanding of its technology requirements, both domestically and abroad, and are uniquely positioned to support the Army's global needs," said Troy West, vice president, Dell federal business segment.
This 200-page report examines the industry evolving around uniquely customised handsets (UCHs) - phones which have both distinguished industrial design and a customised user interface - to target niche consumer segments.
ShoreTel's uniquely distributed architecture enables a very flexible and scalable voice system that can accommodate rapid growth and crisis-related traffic peaks.