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Synonyms for uniovulate

having a single ovule


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Pistillate flowers subtended by a membranous bract, calyx shorter than or equaling corolla, cup-shaped or globose-inflated, truncate, tridenticulate, corolla tomentose-spiny, limb straight, staminodes either free, tooth-like or connate in a ring, pistil tomentose or tomentose-setose, tricarpelate, uniovulate, stigmas small, trifid, lobes tiny, straight to spreading or recurved.
The females then pollinate the receptive, uniovulate flowers and probe the flowers with their ovipositors attempting to lay eggs in the ovaries (Frank 1984; Herre 1989).
Flowers contain four uniovulate mericarps; hence, each flower can produce 0-4 single-seeded nutlets.
A unilocular, uniovulate gynoecium is constantly present in Asteraceae (Anderberg et al., 2007) and Calyceraceae (Hellwig, 2007).
A typical palm flower is small (1-2 cm), with 3 imbricate sepals, 3 valvate petals, six stamens or staminodes, and 3 uniovulate carpels or a trifid pistillode.
However, it is not clear whether each uniovulate locule corresponds to a carpel.