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Synonyms for unionize

recruit for a union or organize into a union

form or join a union

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Local 1102 Retail, Wholesale Department Store Union, is remarkable in that the NLRB is now allowing unions to define micro units so small that particular employees on particular floors of an establishment can unionize.
It was a three-year effort by Swedwood workers to unionize.
An earlier attempt by all General Synod employees to unionize failed in 1997.
If the employees want to unionize, that is fine, but you can't circumvent the system.
Despite the defeat, those behind the effort say the response to their first membership drive has convinced them to press ahead with efforts to unionize ministers across Canada.
When workers did unionize, they did so knowing that white privilege was not threatened by union membership.
When the store opened, Whole Foods promised to support "the rights of its workers to unionize.
Physicians and other health care workers seeking to unionize may face an uphill battle as a result of a recent decision by the U.
Respondents were asked which union had made the most recent attempt to unionize their labs.
Adriana Fieldman, a campaign director for the Service Employees International Union, which is trying to unionize Sodexo workers on college campuses nationwide, said any strike would be to draw attention to Sodexo's alleged intimidation of workers across the country who would like to unionize.
8 to unionize and become part of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).
In Salt Lake City, the dancers of Ballet West voted in January to unionize with AGMA, as the company announced cutbacks in work weeks from 38 to 35, a roster reduction to 35 dancers (down from 40), and the cancellation of the fall repertory season.
Louis have filed a grievance with the Vatican, alleging that Archbishop Raymond Burke has violated church law by refusing to allow elementary schoolteachers to unionize.
In March, the school's resident assistants became the first undergraduates to unionize.