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the system or principles and theory of labor unions

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More importantly, what this illustrates is the long death of Tory unionism - the glue that held the UK together for so long - and which was always much more convincing and coherent than Labour's unionism.
Breaches on decommissioning, holding back on policing and on the murders of Paul Quinn and Robert McCartney, and repeated denials by Sinn Fein of the truth of the IRA's past, show how it is not only some in political unionism who cling to the past.
The Ulster Unionist Party is prepared to support the DUP in North Belfast because it is the right thing to do for unionism.
It might be more accurate to suggest that he actually only endorses trade unionism equivocally.
Mr Robinson said: "He was a colossus in unionism and made such a massive contribution, particularly to the process in which we are presently involved.
I want to pay tribute to and comment on the work he did in the latter days of his political life in building agreement and leading unionism into a new accommodation with republicans and nationalists.
Does militancy in the form of work-to-rule campaigns, sit-ins, and strikes, for example, apply equally to private and public sector forms of social unionism considering their different locations in the broader economy and society?
In the event dual unionism is effectively ended during the one-year period of suspension, NYSNA may provide evidence of that fact and petition the ANA Board of Directors to have the suspension lifted.
TUNIS (TAP) - Arab Maghreb Workers' Labour Union (USTMA) Secretary-General Abdessalem Jerad discussed the situation of trade unionism in the aftermath of the Revolution which ended the rule of the former regime and laid the foundations of a society of justice, democracy and respect of public and individual liberties.
Following a hearing to consider charges of dual unionism, the American Nurses Association has suspended the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) from constituent member status.
The Twilight of the Old Unionism is the third book in a trilogy on labor relations in the United States written by Leo Troy, professor of Economics at Rutgers University-Newark Branch.
One senses a lack of optimism in the whole enterprise and a complete dearth of new ideas to reinvigorate unionism.
Organizing is now as much a part of how we practice our unionism as is bargaining a contract or filing a grievance.
Second, extending trade unionism to a new generation of workers, convincing millions that unions are relevant to them and can make a difference.
UNIONISM has crossed a rubicon following the engagement between the Rev Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams at Stormont, a senior Sinn Fein figure claimed yesterday.