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an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one piece

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At the height of its success, the Ypsilanti underwear factory also sported a 15-foot-high mural of a curvaceous woman clad only in a union suit, clearly visible to train riders passing by.
It's also spending $130 million a year to add buses to comply with the consent decree that resulted from the Bus Riders Union suit.
The old-style union suit is great in cold, windy weather because it eliminates any potential gap between top and bottom where cold can sneak in.
Satan was quite something in his flaming-red union suit, trident in hand, a bit puckish - like Mickey Rooney in "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream.
The Times awaits the outcome of an appeal concerning the Pressmen's Union suit in which a federal judge ruled that manning levels are not subject to arbitration.
Underneath it all went a red, wool union suit I had once worn when attending a Halloween party dressed as a sow pig.
I sleep in a red, ankle-to-shoulder union suit with a pooty panel, which I use.
In 1992, after the Robert Alton Harris execution triggered an American Civil Liberties Union suit claiming that death in the gas chamber was unduly harsh - and therefore unconstitutionally cruel - Wilson signed legislation that allowed for executions by either lethal gas or lethal injection.
Dressed in a preposterous getup--sort of a black union suit with leather suspenders--he pays late-night visits to the Baratellis' house, sings arias to them, and showers them with roses, even as he is apologizing for the latest abuses of "my overzealous aides.
Before then, men wore long johns or union suits - an all-in-one with long sleeves and long legs.
The blended fabric made these union suits more comfortable than the notoriously itchy all-wool variety Americans living in cold climates commonly wore.
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