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a worker who belongs to a trade union

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Two days later, 150 union members were stunned to learn they had been locked out.
Glaser said union members can also cross picket lines if they resign their membership, but cautioned they may face a quandary if the strike ends and the building once again comes under union work rules.
The National Labor College (NLC) announced today that Aetna (NYSE:AET) has made a $50,000 grant to support scholarships for minority union members and to expand union members' knowledge of the fast-paced healthcare industry.
Do credit union members think more positively than non-credit union members do
An analysis of combined Gallup data from the last two months shows Clinton enjoys a similarly large lead among union members who are Democrats.
Thousands of union members made phone calls, walked door-to-door and, most importantly, cast their votes in helping Rod Blagojevich secure the Democratic nomination for Governor Tuesday, according to Margaret Blackshere, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO, which represents nearly one million union members.
The other principal components of the nonfarm goods-producing sector, construction and manufacturing, also had declines in the number of union member workers and proportional union membership.
When union officials are themselves the harassers, it is extremely difficult for women union members to convince other union officials, most of whom are men, that their buddy did something wrong.
Credit union members feel better about their personal finances than consumers generally and tend to have more money left over after paying monthly bills.
FTD and CU Benefits Express will now offer credit union members discounts.
The program is expected to revolutionize the medical payment process, helping the Union member specifically and the overall community," continued Lucas.
The AFG balloon product provides the credit union member the payment flexibility that they desire in this increasing rate environment, and it also provides the credit union the opportunity to capture loans that they would have otherwise lost.
By 2008, a union member will receive an annual pension of $1,800 multiplied by the number of years worked; for example, a 30-year veteran would get $54,000 per year in retirement.
WebClose, the first interactive Web-based consumer loan origination feature, enables Lending Solutions to engage a credit union member in a discussion regarding rates, payments and terms during the loan application process.
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