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a card certifying membership in a labor union

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We've drawn up a new union card for him and offer him the full support of his union and professional association.
The SNP do the same, and nobody could accuse Alex Salmond of playing the Union card.
The signing of a union card carries no obligation to vote for the union.
When he was without a union card he was dis- misstd, he said from his pounds 65 a week job as a drill operator at a Lucas plunt in Aston.
This requirement for employees to publicly sign a union card to join a union would do away with the current practice of private ballot elections in organizing efforts.
On a 14-10 vote, the Senate last month passed the bill, which would allow a bargaining unit to form a union without an election if half of the employees fill out a union card.
Students will gain admission to College Road on production of their union card.
If you obtain the credit union card and transfer the balance from your original Visa, it would be viewed as a payoff of your original Visa card, which is favorable, and will not hurt your credit score.
Others will remember the smile of the hard-liner, who would not let Prince Philip pass the gate to open the brand new factory, unless he could show his trade union card.
Mayor James Hahn has taken out a union card, selling out any pretense of representing the interests of the people of Los Angeles in negotiations with the MTA's striking mechanics union.
Charles was at a party when he met Mr Dromey's deputy Chris Kaufman - who told him the King was signed up during the war and the Queen Mum got her union card after being made an honorary meat porter on a visit to London's Smithfield market.
Welfare officers at Warwick University Students Union will loan carbon monoxide detectors to students overnight if they leave their union card as a deposit.
I flirted with the gayest director I could find to get my acting union card in England.
In many Canadian provinces, there's automatic certification (of a union) when 50 or 60 percent of the workers in a shop sign a union card.
She always got her way When she struck for higher pay, She'd show her union card to the company guard And this is what she'd say: You gals who want to be free, Just take a little tip from me: Get you a man who's a union man And join the Ladies' Auxiliary; Married life ain't hard When you've got a union card, A union man has a happy life When he's got a union wife.
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