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not interfering or meddling


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Of course, it could be wrong, but it's so unintrusive that won't matter if it gets things wrong from time to time.
Throughout, English words in italics signal Bede's quotation of earlier sources (here, Isidore's De natura rerum and Etymologiae), another felicitous and unintrusive formatting feature of this translation (compared to quotation marks).
The skies were blue, the volunteers cheerful, the security unintrusive.
124 (proposing electronic tracking be classified as intrusions and be subjected to an intermediate standard of reasonable suspicion); Slobogin, supra note 109, at 218 (contending that "given its relatively unintrusive nature, most public surveillance of individuals does not require probable cause in the traditional sense").
But perhaps my favorite point in this chapter occurs just three sentences into it: "If the government is small and unintrusive, the form of government doesn't matter that much.
They can offer a simple, relatively unintrusive form of intervention that may remove some of the stigma associated with traditional mental health services.
Despite the restaurant starting to fill up with what seemed like a fairly regular clientele, the service was quick, yet unintrusive.
Moreover, the interval between sentence and execution remained quite modest well into the twentieth century, as state and federal post-conviction remedies remained relatively unintrusive.
With frequent five-star reviews, Thai Harbour blends the modern with the traditional, style with comfort, quality with value -and service is always attentive yet unintrusive.
To fans of activist government, the dynamics of cascade models and examples of real-world cascades have provoked optimism that relatively cheap or unintrusive government actions could create large-scale changes in behavior.
The power plant is quite smooth, unintrusive when you are not in the mood and docile in traffic.
We offer unintrusive support at a level to suit each individual, whether they want to offload in a quiet corner or feel the need for more formal counselling.
It is of course in the interest of both the people and the state that the central government be as minimal, limited, (70) and unintrusive as possible, and hence avoid overburdening the population by various taxes to fund inefficient, centralized, and overly bureaucratic public services.
Therefore, states should permit citizens to record police officers in the line of duty without those officers' consent, as long as their recordings are made in a physically unintrusive manner and do not capture police communications that police could reasonably expect not to be recorded.
Chock-a-block with such un-trendy ingredients as an unintrusive narrator, global reach and a big cast of memorable characters, Fieldwork is both wildly readable and highly intelligent.