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not shrinking from danger

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Reflecting on his work, the Post-Dispatch called Link "persistent, incorruptible and unintimidated.
Walker wants tough strength to be his calling card; his campaign book is called, not coincidentally, Unintimidated.
In 2010 he died of a heart attack, and it was then that his friend David Alexander brought the manuscript to New York Review Books, a publishing house unintimidated by experimental fiction.
Unintimidated by the worst mining conditions and meeting challenges head on, Longwall Associates has emerged as a formidable leader in the exclusive supply of wholly customized OEM and rebuilt longwall conveyor systems for coal and trona extraction.
Thus a tired Sandler moved on, just an hour later, to play a fresh and unintimidated Davidson.
490) note that legalization has reduced the stress and stigma of homosexuality in Canada, which makes it more likely that respondents would be unintimidated to respond correctly to Statistics Canada surveys.
Last month, 546 American Jews made aliyah unintimidated by the Hamas rocket fire, including a flight of 109 "Lone Soldiers" immigrating and immediately beginning their army service.
While Ward would have deplored the language of the anonymous magnate he was completely unintimidated by the sentiments, stating in reply, "I never knew there was any black art about baseball.
However, healthy organizational cultures will be unintimidated and undeterred by these difficulties.
Negredo was introduced at half-time in an attempt to inject fresh life into a lethargic City side and break an unintimidated Hull.
By any measure, ShopRite once again had a stellar year, increasing its store base in all parts of the region and seemingly remaining unintimidated by the diversity of competitors that surround its stores," states a Food Trade News report released in June.
The inclusion of the young, unintimidated Faulkner as one of four quicks alongside spinner Nathan Lyon for the Australians' first game of the tour, against Somerset suggests that the selectors may have decided to pick all five bowlers for the five-Test series to get over a suggested lack of talent, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Washington Irving, who had been attached to the United States legation in Spain, had written a pair of volumes on Columbus and his companions in 1828 and 1831, and an account of the conquest of Granada in 1829; but the field was clear for an ambitious historian unintimidated by Irving's shadow, and Prescott possessed the concentration and endurance of the master scholar, the ardor of the earnest moralist, and the stylistic flair of the born writer.
Said Library Lou" is a children's picturebook following Big Pirate Pete as his map brings him to the Seabreezy Library with the unintimidated Library Lou.