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Synonyms for uninteresting

Synonyms for uninteresting

Antonyms for uninteresting

arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement

characteristic or suggestive of an institution especially in being uniform or dull or unimaginative

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The Method: In this study, 136 college students enrolled in a teacher certification program were given a written lesson on introductory-level statistics (the uninteresting activity).
Today, medical scientists treat very old age, dying, and death with equally fastidious disdain, as if they were all somehow intrinsically uninteresting.
Long ignored as an important but uninteresting branch of topology, knot theory is now used in descriptions of weather systems, mathematical models used in physics, and even the study of DNA.
Plus, you'll break the boredom barrier that so often gets in the way of speakers with uninteresting and unimaginative presentations.
It's best used if you have a big area to cover, as it is a rampant climber which is ideal for covering a pergola or for scaling an uninteresting wall.
But too often they seem to be groups set up to solve the "problem" of singleness by getting folks matched up, and many singles find them uninteresting.
The short, always available, and rather uninteresting answer would be his relative failure to publish; the longer and more informative response is this book.
In an uninteresting and predictable subplot, he is also p ursued by the late client's daughter, who begs him to ignore the will.
And now, when the media try to portray you as an old, uninteresting man, we will be the evidence to prove otherwise.
Beyond such matters of politics and policy, however, what I find particularly galling is that giving God credit for authoring our genome is such a cramped, safe, and utterly uninteresting context for this discovery when compared to the naturalistic worldview that Venter's remarks imply.
We wanted to use someone totally unexpected to add glamour and fun to the otherwise uninteresting task of washing up," said a spokesman.
Precedent also shows that we can turn out very uninteresting human beings with technology.
While some of the group movement, particularly for the women in the fourth section, is uninteresting, a spectacular solo with a bola (a rope with heavy circular weights on each end that is used to round up cattle, as well as in military arts) performed with dazzling coordination and timing by Frank Affrunti compensated for any dead spots in the rest of the piece.
And even more unfortunate is the fact that, in Free Enterprise, Cliff can be obvious to an uninteresting degree.
If we have a very dull ad showing a lot of very uninteresting people doing uninteresting things, no one's going to watch our ads.