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Lack of imagination, mental sloth, moral disregard, and general uninterest ensured that the consequences of this expectative increase at the public and private levels of society went unforeseen.
His own professed uninterest in politics before Axel's murder was subsequently used as evidence of his Crusade's lack of politics.
Recognizing this aspect of the experience of conversion demonstrates why, for example, representatives of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions were sent packing for their lack of cultural respect and uninterest in Anishinaabe sociopolitical goals compared to the warmer receptions given to Bishop Baraga's Catholic mission and Bishop Whipple's Episcopalian ministers.
Groarke observes that even after industry moved out and the economic rug was pulled out from under Brantford's inhabitants, the dominant attitude was still one of uninterest in a Brantford university.
Moreover, the redundancy of this plot throughout all Readers quickly causes uninterest, unimaginativeness, and ineffectiveness among students and instructors; worse, unvarying stories frequently results in like teaching, with ultimate development of critical thinking skills stalled.
Their Jewish governance was unpredictable, erratic, turning on a dime attacks on synagogues, massacre, exile, re-admission, arrests followed by periods of uninterest.
Entitled "The Two Cultures", it warned of the growing gulf between scientists and "literary intellectuals", a class he described as "natural Luddites" who not only sneered at science as an inferior branch of learning and were ignorant of the Second Law of Thermodynamics but in their complacent uninterest in the scientific revolution were blind to the menaces of nuclear weapons, overpopulation and the gap between the rich and poor.
This uninterest in the social conditions of Egypt has led critics like Billie Melman to judge her harshly.
a certain uninterest or rather a strong desire to be alone--It's all tied up with the death of my father.
Popular support for judicial independence and the uninterest of Congress and the American people in questions of constitutional interpretation provide the justices with significant opportunities to advance their own constitutional agendas.
For all of his uninterest in conventional narrative constructs, Powys works hard to cultivate a storyworld that demands this particular sort of attention from its readers.
Whether she is too snobbish to think about Wickham, too engrossed with her cousin Darcy, or simply too well protected by a dragon of a mother, her uninterest might motivate Wickham to further pique against the Darcy family--but that also goes unstated.
He shows complete uninterest at the time, but after the ceremonious marriage, he begins to dream he is an invention of the Professors; '"they project their fears outside on us so they won't stay in the villages, infecting them, and so, you understand, they can try to live peacefully there.
He also survived the uninterest of his bemused cousin Fiona, only 17 months old.
It's a positive sign from a group of people best known in the Valley for their uninterest in these parts.