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It's a positive sign from a group of people best known in the Valley for their uninterest in these parts.
When she arrived, she was both surprised and favorably struck by, among other things, the comparative uninterest, even of the rich, in material comfort and pleasures, and by the uprightness and straightforwardness of the public administration.
Much more common outside these areas is an Aboriginal uninterest, if not outright hostility, towards white Australians uniting spiritually with the land in an Aboriginal, or even an un-Aboriginal, way.
Hysterics tend to be theatrical, subject to irritability, mood swings, depression, and display aberrant sexual behavior classified by gender: overt sexuality in women, uninterest in sexuality for men.
On account of both his distraction and uninterest in Marcello, Quadri is, moreover, the trace of Marcello's mother: "Ma [Quadri] non aveva ascoltato la risposta di Marcello ed era passato subito ad altro argomento" (223), and "Quadri, nonche interessarsi veramente a lui, non lo vedeva neppure" (224).
determined by rural and settlement women themselves' in the face of 'general uninterest and ignorance' about feminism on the part of educated middle class women.
Rather than reflecting positions of uninterest regarding one another, certain forms of confrontation -- such as the ramming of fishing vessels or driving logging trucks through demonstrations on timber roads -- represent serious acts of hostility.
Despite the seeming uninterest from many, there is one man determined to keep the memory of his war hero relatives alive.
However, I attribute that to my uninterest in the financial world.
All of which means that the appointment of current Art Institute of Chicago deputy director and curator of modern and contemporary art Neal Benezra, 48, to David Ross's old job as director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (effective August 1) has nothing to do with correcting a trajectory of exceeded expense accounts, absentee management, a perception of uninterest on the part of many local gallery owners, and a less-than-promising relationship with "Hunk" and "Moo" Anderson (whose vast and stellar painting and sculpture collection's not ending up largely at SF MOMA would be not only a loss but an acute embarrassment).
From its uninterest in Pullman's black women laundry workers Who sought membership during World War II to its refusal to organize white stewardesses in 1960, the Brotherhood seemed singularly resistant to women workers regardless of the impact on its potential size.
Mintel leisure analyst Caroline Norman said: ``Faced with such relative uninterest on the part of the consumer, it is up to the leisure industry to fight back between now and the millennium by offering more attractive and imaginative packages.
The perceived welfarist threat to the institutionist vision is that its relative uninterest in the issues of scale, "best practices," and financial self-sufficiency--and thus its continuing dependence on donor "subsidies"--threatens to undermine the march toward industry-wide financial self-sufficiency and all that entails.
an active uninterest in fostering in pupils awareness of South African literature.
College Henry Glade here studies the "reception" of present-day German literature - that is, through four decades of interest and uninterest in foreigners.