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the quality of being uninsurable

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The danger that insurers will overstate the uninsurability argument is always present since a partial government takeover of risk may suit their interests.
The policy may provide that punitive damages are covered only if permitted by law, but the insurer may take steps to assure the insured that in making that determination the insurer will use the law of the most favorable jurisdiction that is applicable or that it will not raise the issue of uninsurability in certain situations.
Moreover, providing the information may have bad consequences for the children and their families--anxiety, changes in family relationships and dynamics, unnecessary treatment, and labeling that could lead to uninsurability.
This will make the process more professional and easier for the producer and the client, and it will relieve the producer from having to deliver the bad news about potential uninsurability.
For all of these reasons, insureds may argue that where there is a factual inquiry regarding coverage for a settlement, the insurer should bear a high burden of demonstrating uninsurability.
Opponents of modern mass tort litigation predict that regulation through litigation will result in massive losses and, in extreme cases, market failure and the uninsurability of certain industries.
We take up these questions in Part IV below and find both that the uninsurability problem has been exaggerated, and that the new federal property-casualty reinsurance program may not be terribly effective.
In his paper, Gollier examines the sources of the uninsurability problem in general and the so-called "new risks" in particular.
To the extent that such a reduction in the burden of illness contributes to social welfare, and to the extent that a stable employment-based system reduces the risk of future uninsurability for those currently in good health, the estimates of welfare loss attributed to the tax subsidy may be overstated.