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the quality of being uninsurable

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Moreover, providing the information may have bad consequences for the children and their families--anxiety, changes in family relationships and dynamics, unnecessary treatment, and labeling that could lead to uninsurability.
For all of these reasons, insureds may argue that where there is a factual inquiry regarding coverage for a settlement, the insurer should bear a high burden of demonstrating uninsurability.
Punitive damages have a significant negative effect on insurance company losses, as does the uninsurability of punitive damages.
In his paper, Gollier examines the sources of the uninsurability problem in general and the so-called "new risks" in particular.
To the extent that such a reduction in the burden of illness contributes to social welfare, and to the extent that a stable employment-based system reduces the risk of future uninsurability for those currently in good health, the estimates of welfare loss attributed to the tax subsidy may be overstated.