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Synonyms for uninstructed

Synonyms for uninstructed

lacking information or instruction

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What he admires in his country people--what his poetry represents--is not their pristine, uninstructed morals, but their vitalities, which as often as not get expressed in coarse, obscene, and cheeky registers.
There are giants and dwarfs, youths and old men, cripples and well-made persons; some are superstitious, dull, indolent, uninstructed, barbarous; others are enlightened, active, enterprising, and civilized.
This far into the human story, only the historically uninstructed are startled by what they think are new permutations of evil.
1, 6 (1959) ("The duty, to be sure, is not that of policing or advising legislatures or executives, nor even, as the uninstructed think, of standing as an ever-open forum for the ventilation of all grievances that draw upon the Constitution for support.
41-44) but are left wholly uninstructed about the differences between pre- and post-millenarian world-views that evidently mark a serious divide in the Evangelical experience (pp.
As expected, the LINC group showed significantly more improvement in reading and writing in English than the comparison group, but, somewhat surprisingly, there was no difference between the instructed and uninstructed groups in terms of listening and speaking.
These works apart, perhaps his best known work is De doctrina ignorantia, in which he shows the value of ignorance that has been acquired through study, an ignorance that distinguishes its possessor from those who are uninstructed, thus prompting the former to learn more.
That it [Classical Theory] reached conclusions quite different from what the ordinary uninstructed person would expect, added, I suppose, to its intellectual prestige.
From this review it was concluded that, although the language development of both instructed and uninstructed learners demonstrated processes like transfer, instructed learners were favored because they were more likely to drop overgeneralization and other IL features in the long term.
Could an instructed storywriting strategy using a picture as a prompt improve the participants' ability to write in an uninstructed genre (i.
His theater, however, leaves the spectator uninstructed and uninspired (Esslin 129-154).
He went on in this vein, citing a letter from a prominent Pennsylvania historian of conservative sentiments who described the then newcomers from Manhattan's Upper West Side as "selfish and uninstructed radicals and progressives, wishing to pour cement all over the country and make the world safe for democracy, well beyond the dreams of Wilson.
NYSE Rule 452 allows brokers to vote uninstructed shares on behalf of beneficial holders only for proposals considered "routine" or "discretionary.