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Synonyms for uninstructed

Synonyms for uninstructed

lacking information or instruction

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Because uninstructed broker votes can account for up to 20 percent of the vote at many companies--and are routinely voted with management's recommendations--the new rule could result in many more directors failing to achieve majority support.
Tooth-brushing duration in 60 uninstructed young adults.
This will be particularly true if the SEC adopts (as it is likely to at some point) the NYSE's proposed change in Rule 452, eliminating the uninstructed broker vote in uncontested director elections.
No thoughtful reader can come away from it uninstructed, and we should be grateful that Professor Goldsmith undertook to enlighten us on such an important, indeed grave and complicated, subject.
The supplemental instruction had generally positive effects on the students' story writing and resulted in improvements in a similar, but uninstructed genre, narrative writing.
According to Alessi (1987), assessment of instructed stimulus-response relationships provides information about student mastery and assessment of uninstructed stimulus-response relationships provides information about generalization.
Attacking the ideas of Shaftesbury and the deists concerning man' s natural goodness, Defoe argued that a 'Creature in human Shape, but intirely neglected and uninstructed, is ten thousand times more miserable than a Brute' (p.
Allow any young animal to run uninstructed and unchecked for too long and you are looking at a potential disaster.
How do uninstructed laypeople attribute causality in the case of multiple sufficient causes?
Country properties as complete as this may be glimpsed every two or three years, prompting a scramble by buyers, home and abroad, and wistful glances from the uninstructed selling agents.
These effects transferred to a second, uninstructed genre, persuasive essay writing, as postinstruction essays were longer and included more functional elements than those written during baseline.
64) Turning power over to "the sober incapacity of dull uninstructed men" could only bring results "both disgraceful and destructive.
There are no timbers left to rot, no stone still standing on another, the uninstructed eye descerning no intentional pattern; at best a disturbance, an aberration in the line where the wood meets the field.
But although this approach is the right one for anyone interested in, say, trills, or accentuation, it is not very helpful for the uninstructed performer - a conservatory student, for example - who wants to warm up with a violin sonata by George Frideric Handel before going on to the program's real music.
It belongs to a type of literature that anyone who has looked at the jataka stories is familiar with, where all the cardinal points in the Buddha's teachings, such as samsara, punarjanma, and nirvana, are vividly illustrated and explained to the uninstructed listener.