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Over a threshold of about a half-a-million square feet, every skyscraper ten floors higher than the next is likely to be twice as uninspired, and the same goes, beyond a certain point, for every extra $10 million dollars spent on a building.
McCormick, a vinyl fetishist himself, also knew that many rare records have uninspired covers.
Participating in marathons all over the world, Alex finds that, at times, vegetarian fare can be uninspired.
Because uninspired, malicious teachers like the protagonist in Martha Southgate's The Fall of Rome really do exist, countless African-American children never realize their potential.
The author concludes with a few uninspired solutions to the problem of conducting a corporate sport enterprise within an idealistic educational system.
With the help of a fantastic sound designer (Matthieu Beaudin) and a great composer (Jean St-Jacques), who knew how to build a layered soundtrack with almost unnoticeable sounds to great effect, the film avoids the pitfalls many Quebecois films fall into with their flat, uninspired soundtracks.
The Frank O'Hara imitations/homages ("Morning Poem" and "Derrick Poem [The Lost World]") only emphasize by contrast the superiority of the New York poet, and the obligatory paeans to Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, and John Coltrane (along with nods to Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye, and Donny Hathaway) are largely flaccid and uninspired.
On the other hand, individuals who had reported scant motivation to enter a 12-step program remained uninspired when treatment ended and returned to their accustomed levels of alcohol and drug consumption.
Midtown South's leasing performance in November was uninspired to say the least.
He was a fairly competent but wholly uninspired versifier, and in no sense an original thinker, but his insistence on the close relationship between the physician's craft and the arts of literature and philosophy shows how Italian humanist ideas about this relationship were beginning to make themselves felt in Northern Europe.
His pedantic, somewhat uninspired works include translations of Horace, Aristotle's Poetics , Plato's dialogues, Sophocles' Oedipus and Electra, and Plutarch's Parallel Lives.
And then there's the condescending tone that turns up throughout the book: "Readers may choose words at their own levels of understanding and commitment"; writers using biased words like right-hand man "leave their readers as uninspired as they are.
Here, by drab contrast, we saw ourselves as an uninspired people, led by uninspired leaders, mired in self-interest.
The videotape portrays realistic scenarios but is rather uninspired, and the customer/actors will not be "believable" to anybody outside lay audiences.
Gone are the days when cardholders had to settle for predictable, uninspired plastic.