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not informed

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It appears that the good Bishop is uninformed or is ignoring the survey results,' Panelo said.
New Delhi [India], Jan 10 ( ANI ): Citing MoS KP Gurjar's written reply to an unstarred Lok Sabha question, Congress senior leader Ahmed Patel on Wednesday claimed that council of ministers is being kept uninformed about major decisions and the government has introduced Quota bill in the Parliament in haste.
A wrongful arrest can occur when a competent officer is uninformed (with probability 1-[delta]) or because an incompetent officer chooses to make an arrest.
And that's exactly the problem: an uninformed electorate.
While the vote will overall be small, farmers are faced with an uninformed votePhil Stocker
This is not a stupid vote; it is simply an uninformed vote.
I was and am insulted by Mr Craven's comment about "uninformed UKIP support".
One representative group was left uninformed as to the performance of students at its local schools.
Tragically, the Bar is enabling parties who are frequently emotionally distraught to make uninformed decisions that will have unanticipated consequences for themselves and their children.
Hofmann and Nell (2011) compare fee-for-advice and commission systems in a duopoly market with uninformed consumers, where only matching matters.
This initiative has had a phenomenal effect on a society that still remains largely uninformed.
Rick Perry praises Dewhurst's conservative record and criticizes some backers of former Solicitor General Ted Cruz as uninformed.
According to Naunovski, even the most uninformed Macedonian can no longer ignore the realization that Albanians want to dominate over us Macedonians and take over our country!
Sometimes that opinion is informed and thus valid and sometimes it's uninformed and thus invalid.