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Antonyms for unimproved

not made more desirable or valuable or profitable


(of land) not cleared of trees and brush

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1 / the object of the contract is to harden and fix the surface of unimproved roads within the administrative borders of the city of lubin.
Property owners have been paying rates on unimproved site at between 25 and 34 per cent depending on location.
Muchai said 41 peer cent of Kenyans still rely on unimproved water sources like wells and ponds.
At busy times cars will just be stacked up, drivers frustrated, air quality unimproved.
Of the 46 million Kenyans, 41 per cent rely on unimproved water sources, such as ponds, shallow wells and rivers, and 59 per cent use unimproved sanitation solutions.
Hawking suggests that breakthroughs in genetics will make it attractive for people to try to improve themselves, raising issues for "unimproved humans".
The Malaysian Automotive Association's (MAA) monthly and quarterly statistics offered a similar picture, with the first quarter's vehicle sales dropping 7 per cent year-on-year while April data is also expected to be unimproved.
To simplify the process WHO-UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) has defined alternative indicators, "improved water" and "unimproved water" sources [4], which deemed to represent safe water and unsafe water, respectively (Table 1).
Sanitation facility access - Rural UnImproved (% of population) 2017 Country Ranks
Denholtz Associates' Clark Commercial Center portfolio consisting of 10 commercial buildings totaling 283,201 square feet and one unimproved parcel that Denholtz is currently developing as a retail building.
The C-40 cannot land on unimproved runways or have armored vehicles driven into its cargo bay the way purpose-built military transport aircraft can.
The motorway, with all its congestion problems, will remain unimproved. The Blue Route is a smoke-and-mirrors strategy.
CLA Cymru is reminding members to pay heed to EIA regulations before ploughing or cultivating unimproved land.
Some 748 million people worldwide rely on unimproved drinking water sources according to a UN report released this year.
"We are practicing suppression missions on fortified coastal settlements of a hypothetical aggressor using naval firepower, landing operations on an unimproved shore, as well as warfare tactics with amphibious assault forces," the statement said.