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not capable of impressing

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And, following his unimpressive run, it seems unlikely that he would be retained by team for remaining matches in the tournament and Asif Ali would come to replace him.
Liaqat Baloch said that Prime Minister's argument justifying the appointment of the Finance Minister and the presentation of the federal budget was weak and unimpressive. The federal budget, he said, was a unconvincing document of a government in disarray.
The Saints were unimpressive against Wigan in the FA Cup and may struggle to create chances.
As an Early Access title, it's effectively work in progress, though improvements will fine-tune the aesthetics or Battalion's unimpressive map roster (nothing currently reflects the majesty of Dust The outmoded, though evidently still popular, oldschool design is unlikely to change.
However, the company's automotive segment growth "was unimpressive," Wong adds.
Though his 23-7-2 record is unimpressive, Diaz is expected to draw from his vast experience in order to stun Magsayo.
Summary: The NDA government has mastered the art of tweaking its failed or unimpressive policies without inviting criticism.
(http://cms.ibtimes.com/exorcist-season-2-renewed-fox-despite-unimpressive-ratings-2538521) Read: "The Exorcist" Season 2 renewed by FOX despite unimpressive ratings
Summary: Eurocash has reported unimpressive 3Q16 IFRS results, featuring YoY declines of 9% and 15% in EBITDA and net income, respectively (8% and 14% below the Bloomberg consensus, respectively).
With Sporting 2-0 down, cries of discontent were heard around Estadio Jose Alvalade as Markovic departed after an unimpressive display.
Following his unimpressive interview with Marr on Sunday, he only succeeds in demonstrating that he speaks with a forked tongue.
Although growth for the year 2016 is expected to stabilise, it is settling at the rather unimpressive rate of 1.5%.
While the 3D Matrix and Diamond office space appears small and unimpressive, the technological work that gets done there cuts the jewelry manufacturing time by more than half and increases the precision in the end...
Former Germany No.1 Jens Lehmann led the criticism of the World Cup winners after their unimpressive victory over Gibraltar.