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lacking in impressiveness

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A rusty, unimposing Czech Aero L29 Delfin haphazardly painted in garish yellow and silver also greets visitors as they enter the Fairwood Common site.
A design and access statement by Blue Forest Bespoke Luxury Tree Houses submitted with the planning application stated that their brief was to design 'a small and unique tree house for recreational use by the resident of Minewood Cottage' and to create 'an unimposing structure that will be in keeping with the appearance and nature of the property and garden'.
The Moonstone, pictured in 1974, was one of city's most popular clubs - despite its unimposing entrance.
He chose to make it unimposing and compatible with the surroundings.
It is entirely unpretentious - small, unimposing, beige and a very simple shape.
It is no surprise, then, that one of the central figures stepping into the breach is an unimposing woman whose life's dedication to peace-building has resulted in an unprecedented conversation at the highest levels of the church.
From the front, the semidetached property appears unimposing, but at the rear, it opens out through a conservatory and large French-doors into an enclosed 60ft garden.
This is a departure from AdBlock Plus' previous arrangement, which put advertisers through a rather lengthy vetting process known as "whitelisting." This determined whether the ads on their pages were sufficiently subtle and unimposing.
Scott Brown is usually the man desperate to make things happen when they're not, yet here he was everything he never should be - pedestrian, peripheral, unimposing.
Now, with Najafi ("Easy Money II: "Hard to Kill") filling in for Fuqua, "London Has Fallen" arrives with only the unimposing memory of its predecessor to compete against.
"It's exactly what the place needs, a humble, down to earth, unimposing, beautiful place to enjoy fresh sea food looking out on to the beach.
This is important to enterprise users as they want to remain in control; they welcome help by unimposing computing resources.
Flexibility and adaptability are maximized via a rigorous systems approach of large open floor plates, clear spans and unimposing servicing strategies.
What caused Saul, an unimposing figure with a tendency to illness, to take on the Roman form of his name and become a messenger whose words of a new life in Christ still impact the world today?
He could have rigorously occupied that spatial plane in a manner exemplified by his 2012 exhibition "Wearables" at Real Fine Arts in Brooklyn, in which fifteen sets of store-bought fairy wings covered the floor, instead of spacing such unimposing skulls so sparsely and erratically throughout this space.