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having a single mode

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In Japan, Unimodal will reach a market size of US$241.4 Thousand by the close of the analysis period.
huilae presento un patron de actividad diaria unimodal con picos maximos alrededor del mediodia (entre las 12:00 y las 14:00 horas), cuando las temperaturas ambiental y microambiental eran las mas altas (Figura 2).
In the first year, more than half students were unimodal 58.1%, and rest of the most chose bimodal learning style 40.5%.
The comparison between LSs of the students and gender was statistically insignificant (Chi-square test P = 0.69, 3rd semester and P = 0.57, 5th semester) for multimodal and unimodal preference.
The size structure was unimodal, with a median size of 220 mm and a range from 95 to 420 mm, with a high abundance of adults; this pattern is shared with other data collected in the Caribbean.
The distribution of the VARK preferences was calculated according to the guidelines provided on the VARK website.8 Accordingly, learning preferences were categorised as either: unimodal (V, A, R, or K); bimodal (VA, VR, VK, AR, AK, and RK); trimodal (VAR, VAK, VRK and ARK); or quadmodal (VARK).
Jones, "A tractable and interpretable four-parameter family of unimodal distributions on the circle," Biometrika, vol.
In the unimodal test function, the IEPSO algorithm does not show its advantages because of its strong deep search capability.
The model permits a direct comparison between the multisensory condition and the predicted probability of unimodal conditions, [P(A) + P(V)] - [P(A) x P(V)], by segmenting the subject-specific CDFs for each condition using 10 ms time bins.
Some of the essential characteristics of these functions are that the functions should be multimodal or unimodal in nature, the function should be nonseparable, and moreover, the functions should lag in the global structure.
The Guinea Coast (GC) is characterized by a bimodal pattern of precipitation (a maximum peak in June and a second one in September), while the Soudano-Sahel (SD) and the Sahel (SA) regions are characterized by a unimodal pattern (the maximum peak in August in both cases).
In this paper, we consider that the source signals are stochastic with the unimodal continuous PDFs, since many signals such as some vibrational signals [10] and ECG signals [11] possess these characteristics.
appears unimodal with a peak around the average score.
Poole wrote: "The distribution of iPhone 6S scores for iOS 10.2.0 appears unimodal with a peak around the average score.