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Synonyms for unimaginative

Synonyms for unimaginative

Synonyms for unimaginative

deficient in originality or creativity

dealing only with concrete facts

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lacking spontaneity or originality or individuality

References in classic literature ?
He was a strong-minded man, sir, shrewd, practical, and as unimaginative as I am myself.
It's Always Something'' has the requisite unimaginative framing sequence: She's recording her book-on-tape, inspiring the usual spate of flashbacks - in her childhood, where she gets her taglines ``Never mind'' from her hard-of-hearing grandma and ``It's always something'' from her dad, who dies in her youth.
LAST year the pilot for this sketch show went out under the unimaginative, if accurate, title of The All Star Comedy Show.
I WAS sorry to read that the unimaginative councillors of West Kirby have been allowed to prevent the construction of a thoughtprovoking piece of outdoor art; the turf pathway around the marine lake.
It also has the umpteenth drearily unimaginative take on on aristocracy's ruthless sense of entitlement and how nothing would ever get done without the unappreciated common man.
NAHT leader David Hart said: "The current reward package available to such a head is often unimaginative.
The problems we had when he arrived - a porous defence, an unimaginative, uncreative midfield and a blunt strike force - not one of them has been solved.
Often they are played against a blacked-out stage, which is perfectly acceptable if unimaginative.
The idea is to prevent them buying unimaginative gifts such as socks, chocolates or, heaven forbid, Cliff Richard videos for their families.
It has an utterly unimaginative framing sequence - Jimi doing an interview about his career a few days before he died (with said device being telepic-ese for ``We throw in the towel; we have no idea as to how to make this fresh'').
One is a gigantic white elephant full of pointless, unimaginative exhibits that nobody wants to see, a grotesque symbol of everything that is rotten in this country.
New bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, formerly of Hole, and rhythm guitarist James Iha consistently offered unimaginative, rudimentary parts.
And to think that the governor gets a bad rap as an unimaginative gray career politician who reads the polls and acts accordingly.
Director Vikery Turner's unimaginative staging and an inconsistent ensemble further undermine Staley's awkward, uninvolving text.
But Stone doesn't have the chops or the benefit of a smart script, and Brooks' unimaginative direction cripples her at every turn.