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Synonyms for unimaginative

Synonyms for unimaginative

Synonyms for unimaginative

deficient in originality or creativity

dealing only with concrete facts

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lacking spontaneity or originality or individuality

References in classic literature ?
Catherick was a woman of few words, a clear-headed, straightforward, unimaginative person, who wrote briefly and plainly, just as she spoke.
I thought he was the most dull, unimaginative man I had ever met.
He looked up again in his unseeing, unimaginative way.
There was a terrible cutting truth in Tom's words,--that hard rind of truth which is discerned by unimaginative, unsympathetic minds.
IT'S not just the FA Cup which shows us how unimaginative TV companies are when deciding which matches to screen live.
I would also ask why the council flower beds are so unimaginative, consisting of straight lines of monochrome or garish bedding plants.
28 ( ANI ): Irrfan Khan has slammed Bollywood for being unimaginative and lacking creativity, while making songs for films.
The plot is truly, utterly predictable - an unimaginative paint-by-numbers family drama - and Butler, who we're used to seeing in action roles, never manages to convince.
Mind you, if people are so unintelligent, unimaginative and unconcerned for their own safety, maybe the human race would be better off without them in the gene pool.
Instead, the Government's unimaginative orthodox fiscal policy has exacerbated the unemployment situation.
In the past, gift options for Father's Day used to be limited to unimaginative presents like ties,
While the album opens with Unexpected, which samples Sly And The Family Stone's Family Affair, the rest of the set is unimaginative, dated and predictable, seemingly a desperate attempt at the more commercial success she has rarely enjoyed.
As a result, this offering feels shallow and unimaginative.
Free-market champions of the Reagan stripe are hyper-aware of the ability of government to be bureaucratic, stifling and unimaginative.
They are urging shoppers not to throw away pairs of socks and unimaginative stocking fillers, but to donate to them to their local Tenovus shop.