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failing to inform or clarify

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Perhaps it could be done; however, the exercise would be unilluminating. One's description of the attitudes would, in each case, be poor--and poorer than it would have been had one appealed to other concepts.
(One theory holds that he was kidnapped and plied with liquor by a political faction that wanted him to vote again and again as a "repeater".) Debate was vigorous, but unilluminating. Federalist congressman Roger Griswold of Connecticut once attacked his Republican colleague, Matthew Lyon of Vermont, with a wooden cane, beating him about the head on the floor of the House.
Ultimately, these sorts of invocations of luck are unilluminating because they are inherently symmetric: if one can say that someone is unlucky that the public needs to destroy or confiscate that person's property, then one could equally well say that the public is unlucky that circumstances will force it to destroy or confiscate property for which it must pay compensation.
A narrow textual approach, relying on the ordinary and natural meaning of 'liability', is unilluminating since liability is the consequence of a legal determination; it does not reflect the nature of, or steps in, the determination process itself.
Maraniss wrangles a coherent and important narrative out of several truckloads of material (although as the New York Times Book Review critic points out, "This accretion of unilluminating details adds a degree of verisimilitude, certainly, but it leaves out analysis--the why") by focusing his efforts on a pivotal period in the early 1960s.
(72) Little is known about why Congress included religion in Title VII, as the legislative history is brief and unilluminating. (73) Some scholars contend that the arguably voluntary nature of religion makes its inclusion in Title VII alongside otherwise immutable characteristics anomalous.
But nowhere else in the text is there any suggestion that what he's doing can be considered authentically artistic: he creates nothing (certainly nothing of value) there's no indication that the spectacle of fasting is authentically artistic in any way, and there's no progression from less to more "perfect"; the comment is therefore, in my view, unfounded and unilluminating. Harry Steinhauer also points out that this kind of reading is flawed in that there simply is no work of art in the text (37-38), but how he chooses instead to fill the gaps in the text's "meaning" is far more deeply flawed, imposing even less justified interpretive conclusions on a text which seems barely to invite, let alone to validate, them.
Comparisons with note-taking, letter-writing, amateur radio, citizens'--band radio, and all the other communicative acts prove to be singularly unilluminating. For Netspeak is something completely new.
The explanations that accompanied the regulations overflowed with unilluminating boilerplate and it was difficult to understand why regulators chose a particular standard rather than one that was stricter or less strict.
The stewards did look into the farcical start, but their findings were unilluminating in the extreme.
The result is this enjoyable but unilluminating fan's postcard.
I don't love magical realism generally--I hated Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude--and Rushdie's version struck me as particularly heavy-handed, jejune and, worst of all, unilluminating. If you're thinking that this disqualifies me from reviewing Rushdie's new memoir about life under a death-penalty fatwa--the thought also occurred to me before I started the book.
at 862 ("Based on our examination of legislative history, we agree with the Court of Appeals that it is unilluminating.").
49), who employed semiotic analysis in the study of talk and talk and music radio, downplayed its usefulness in analyzing pure musical schedules, arguing that the open-ended meaning of radio music renders it "unilluminating," as it "refers scarcely at all to anything outside itself, and is therefore one code which is not distinctively shaped by radio itself."
Her dutiful slog through the litany of gripes from right-wing commentators and media organizations is likewise unilluminating (they blame nefarious Hollywood liberals).