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without illumination

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At the same time, feeding time was clearly shorter at illuminated compartments than at unilluminated ones, with no difference between 'blue' (440-490 nm) and 'warm-white' (575-675 nm) illumination.
Considering the present advancement state of culture, and how the Torch of Science has now been brandished and borne about, with more or less effect, for fine thousand years and upwards; how in these times especially, not only still the Torch burns, and perhaps more fiercely than ever, but innumerably Rush-lights and Sulphur-matches, kindled thereat, are also glancing in every direction, so that not the smallest cranny or doghole in Nature or Art can remain unilluminated....
Rimbaud: Versions el Inventions: ...Still Unilluminated I ...
in eternal darkness," which is partly to say that they are left unilluminated by "the books" and therefore unseen by readers.
Therefore, the conduction from illuminated concrete surface to unilluminated concrete surface is the primary concern in present study.
In this system, in unilluminated cells, the LOV domain blocks Rac1's interactions with its partner proteins; irradiation causes a linker region connecting Rac1 and the LOV domain to unwind, liberating Rac1 to engage in downstream signaling.
Duncan has posited a larger whole of which student achievement is a part; that his multiple measures merely proxy for effectiveness in terms of raising student test scores means that the rest of the whole remains unilluminated.
Riding in an unilluminated cycle rickshaw at night on an unlit highway with lorries bearing down on you is unnerving.
2009) (rejecting unpaved, unilluminated, unsigned roadways of gated campground as being way or place under statute); Commonwealth v.
Flint is maneuvered into a "tortured, if unconscious and unilluminated, identification with the slave's role as hounded object" ("Speech, Listening, and Female Sexuality in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" 35) and Linda "replays the moments of Flint's violations," although the momentary identification and the reversal of roles fail to "seal an empathetic pact" between Linda and Mrs.
A set of norms can be complex, but still remain stubbornly unilluminated by being described as a plan.
This helped them to restrict reason to the natural unilluminated knowledge of which men are capable through ratiocination based on sensory evidence and historical reportage.
For one month, 15 subjects were placed on a regimen of unilluminated nights, consistent with a 14-hour span of midwinter darkness.
Bloch writes of a knowledge that is not limited to that "unilluminated, undirected hope" that can "merely lead astray" but to one that "shows reality itself as one of--the horizon and informed hope as one commensurate with this reality."