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Synonyms for unilateral

involving only one part or side

tracing descent from either the paternal or the maternal line only

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Unilaterality suggests activation of the trigeminovascular system, a throbbing nature suggests vascular innervation, and aggravation by movement is a reflection of neurogenic inflammation (8).
The cultural and religious unilaterality of those who signed the law proposal is obvious.
Given the mechanism of injury, the unilaterality of symptoms, and the patient's lack of response to nasal steroids, it was thought that the VMR was due to the earlier traumatic injury, which had resulted in imbalance of the autonomic neural input.
Such stances that have prominent presence on world agendas as those dealing with reforming the UN or with rejecting the unilaterality of decision making by some major world powers, said the spokesman.
Because one cannot demarcate oneself from biologism, from naturalism, from racism in its genetic form, one cannot be opposed to them except by reinscribing spirit in an oppositional determination, by once again making it a unilaterality of subjectity, even if in its voluntarist form.
The fact as such was already noted by Edmund Husserl, in Experience and Judgement (1939), where he discusses the unilaterality of the scientific idealization of the experience.
By this route the control the constitutional court and the administrative court exercise in regard to the Laender loses its semblance of unilaterality; so much so that the Constitution observes in this regard a certain reciprocity recognizing for the control over the Laender, the initiative of the Federation, and for the control over the Federation, the initiative of the Laender.
The patient presented paresis of the right upper limb; because the nerves have low electric resistance, a spinal cord injury was also considered, but the unilaterality of symptoms and the good recovery after compartment decompression suggested peripheral neuropathy.
The usual unilaterality of hepatic hydrothorax could be attributed to a congenital factor, but not to physiologic mechanisms (3).
The increase in dose (from 4.5 mg to 6 mg or 7.5 mg) corresponded to a significant loss of unilaterality.
My aim in this article is to explore the following question: What drives the move from the 'workerist' dialectic of antagonism and its capture, through the insurrectionary unilaterality of worker's autonomy, all the way to the recent theories of exodus?
The fundamental problem during the observable period is the unilaterality of the weather type.
Evaluating the unilaterality of facial movements can be tested by having the patient retract one corner of the mouth at a time, winking one eye at a time, and elevating one eyebrow at a time.