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the doctrine that nations should conduct their foreign affairs individualistically without the advice or involvement of other nations

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"Unilateralism and protectionism are mounting, dealing a severe blow to multilateralism," he said.
'We expect emerging countries, including the BRICS and some African countries, to certainly come out and voice their commitment to a multipolar world, against unilateralism, against protectionism and in favor of openness and sustainable trade relations and investment environments.'
That is a not-so-subtle shift in our position and a marker - unilateralism cannot be assumed to go un-responded to and Pakistan moves on to the front foot.
(SUNA) -The Prominent figure of the Popular Congress Party, Kamal Omer has stated that they want to break up the dialogue unilateralism and move to the concept of collective governance through the implementation and achievement of the six points of dialogue .
ARBIL/ Aswat al-Iraq: Kurdish Alliance MP Khalid Shwani attributed the failure of partnership government to the lack of implementation of programmes, negligence and unilateralism.In a statement to al-Hayat daily, published today, he added that "it is difficult to talk about the majority government in the light of mal-relations between the State of Law Block and other National Alliance components".He regarded the "true partnership" government as the best way to build the state.Following the end of Iraqi elections on 30 April, 2014, the Iraqi political scene witnessed hectic negotiations to form the coming government.608
The source added that President Abbas signed letters of accession to 15 international conventions and treaties to assure that this is an essential right for the Palestinian people, while Israel considers the move as unilateralism and a red line.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "At the time we want to resolve all issues between the political partners, we do not want the government to take any decision or agreement with the provincial government without taking the opinion of the rest of the forces involved in the political process." He added: "The unilateralism of the Prime Minister arrived to a level that the political process would be lost, running the State is not Maliki's only, but for all Iraqis and all the political components, so when there is any agreement he must take the other political forces into account."
But if, for the sake of argument, one were to accept the view expressed by President Obama - that unilateralism is a flawed political approach - then one should survey the history of unilateral moves within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and examine the US response towards them.
A second theme is how the Bush administration detrimentally affected its own programs by embracing unilateralism. The meaning here is the belief that the United States did not necessarily need the support of other nations nor did it consider the historical and political concerns of other states as we developed our programs.
Fayyad said that while his government's institution building efforts were the only thing he would call 'unilateral,' describing them as 'constructive unilateralism,' Israel's settlement construction and occupation, on the hand, are 'destructive unilateralism,' he said.
Therefore the troika was unanimous in telling the US that Pakistan would no more tolerate unilateralism in terms of covert operations and drone attacks, the sources added.
Until US President Barack Obama explains what he means by "a new era of partnership" between his country and all others in treating the world's crises, his talk about returning to international cooperation in managing the world, compared to the failed unilateralism that began to stumble since the end of the first term of his predecessor, George Bush, is not a declaration of a new policy by his administration.
Khupe said the decision to move the meeting "reflects unilateralism, disrespect, contempt and refusal to recognise the reality and the letter of the global political agreement."
Bush's unilateralism, based on the strength of U.S.
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