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Synonyms for unifying

combining into a single unit

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tending to unify

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Using a deeply embedded victor unifying client, victor Unified SiteServer takes a holistic video approach of managing and monitoring access control, video, and intrusion from one database all from one easy-to-use box.
The meeting will consider the invitation of the Afro - Asian Organization for the GCC countries to join its membership, mechanism for the unified registration of pesticides and mutual registration recognition, unifying fees proposed in the pesticides implementing regulation, as well as unifying lists of restricted and banned pesticides.
This new offering completely transforms infrastructure management by unifying, and making service-driven, the management of network, compute and storage layers.
"And, by unifying server and storage management, HP enables customers to simplify their IT environments without sacrificing control."
Communique Unify is built on the Content Bus, a platform-independent software architecture that focuses on accessing, unifying, managing and publishing all digital content via multiple channels such as Web, wireless and XML, says Day.