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make uniform


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Even if the tales are concentrated mainly on the elimination of the male Other the narrator's acknowledgement always indicates his continual need for self-punishment, an irrational desire for self-destruction also noticeable in Poe's conflicted personality and the struggle to uniformize the "self" and the "self-consciousness.
u] a temperature that can uniformize the shrinkage of mold and polymer.
Uniformize, standardize and modernize the visualization and control (F & B) purification of all technical systems and standardizing the control software of the pumping stations.
Ideologies turn out to be an extreme form of the attempt to uniformize a society's significations: an attempt which in modernity indeed does not occupy the entire society but it does occupy the majority of social reality (Erjavec 43).
The load balancing schema tries to uniformize the resources given to each task of a parallel job.
Thus, the Council of Ministers uniformizes textual business law across OHADA's entire territory.