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unclean and constituting a likely cause of disease

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She said snacks were being manufactured in expired and rancid oil and unhygienic textile colours were being used in food.
She said the snacks were being fried in expired and rancid oil along with unhygienic textile colour.
He said that the raiding team found expired ingredients and unhygienic items in the factories and sealed them.
He said that Faizabad area has swamped with different food items where unhygienic food was being served.
Food authority demanded that FIA should take notice of illegal import of meat from India so that the gang behind selling unhygienic meat could be exposed.
During this period 288 samples were taken, 780 challans were submitted in the courts, 4950 unhygienic and filthy utensils were confiscated and destroyed.
A file photo shows Saudi sanitation inspectors closing a restaurant in Riyadh for violations, including unhygienic practices.
CHARSADDA -- District Food Controller Noor Hayat Khan raided on the unhygienic and unhealthy Soda factories here on Monday.
Muscat: A residential area where foodstuff was stored under unhygienic conditions was raided by Nizwa Municipality officials, the authority tweeted on its official Twitter handle.
Punjab Food Authority on Friday put up pickets on various entry points to the provincial capital to check 94 milk-carrying vehicles to stop supply of unhygienic milk.
9 ( ANI ): Unhygienic conditions in the scenic hill town of Gulmarg have left tourists very disappointed.
They said they had to act after some kilts were returned in such a state they were unhygienic for staff to handle.
Miffed, the executive approached the customer service desk where she was reportedly told again that brushing teeth in washrooms was not allowed since it was messy and unhygienic.
Q MY baby is due soon and I want to give her a dummy but my mum says they are unhygienic.
CHILDREN are refusing to use school toilets and would rather wait until they get home because they are so unhygienic.