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take off a hook

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If the Gargoyles can unhook the wings then the power to fly lies in the wings themselves, and not in the wooden bodies of the people who wear them.
If any of the Gargoyles act badly, and have to be put in jail, they are brought here and their wings unhooked and taken away from them until they promise to be good."
"Love," she repeated slowly, in an inner voice, and suddenly, at the very instant she unhooked the lace, she added, "Why I don't like the word is that it means too much to me, far more than you can understand," and she glanced into his face.
"Saved!" mechanically repeated the young gentleman, releasing the mane and sliding from the saddle into Raoul's arms; Raoul was but ten yards from the shore; there he bore the fainting man, and laying him down upon the grass, unfastened the buttons of his collar and unhooked his doublet.
Athos, as if in opposition to what Monk had done, unfastened his poniard, which he placed upon the table; unhooked his sword-belt, which he laid close to his poniard; and, without affectation, opening his doublet as if to look for his handkerchief, showed beneath his fine cambric shirt his naked breast, without weapons either offensive or defensive.
Clutching the woodwork of the galley for support,--and I confess the grease with which it was scummed put my teeth on edge,--I reached across a hot cooking-range to the offending utensil, unhooked it, and wedged it securely into the coal-box.
The telephone clicked, and Archer, turning from the photographs, unhooked the transmitter at his elbow.
Many fish are unfairly injured when inexperienced anglers are attempting to unhook them and great care should always be adhered to.
London, January 27 ( ANI ): A Japanese lingerie brand has launched a bra that will only unhook by the woman's "true love".
In the short time it took to unhook his boat the man had gone under.
Arla says thieves have been known to put a pole through the letterbox to unhook keys from hallway entrances.
Turn off your mobile, unhook the phone and just relax.
In order to start scoop loader bucket operations, you'll need to unhook the excavator's spare tire carrier from the front bucket.
At the engine end, loosen the clamp that holds the cable to the engine and unhook the cable from the carburetor.