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Synonyms for unhindered

not slowed or blocked or interfered with


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His wish was fulfilled--the body rested, while the spirit went unhindered on its pilgrimage.
Roque kept them in suspense in this way for a while; but he had no desire to prolong their distress, which might be seen a bowshot off, and turning to the captains he said, "Sirs, will your worships be pleased of your courtesy to lend me sixty crowns, and her ladyship the regent's wife eighty, to satisfy this band that follows me, for 'it is by his singing the abbot gets his dinner;' and then you may at once proceed on your journey, free and unhindered, with a safe-conduct which I shall give you, so that if you come across any other bands of mine that I have scattered in these parts, they may do you no harm; for I have no intention of doing injury to soldiers, or to any woman, especially one of quality."
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], Sept 2 (ANI): Pakistan on Monday said India's Deputy High Commissioner Gaurav Ahluwalia's meeting with Kulbhushan Jadhav took place in the presence of its officials and was recorded even though India had asked for "effective and unhindered" consular access to him.
'We have assured our President that water is returning soon, let's work to ensure that gentlemen ', he told engineers recently during a field trip.Meanwhile, the LWSC says unhindered water supply via its 16-inch transmission line, supplying Bushrod Island and adjacent communities.
The armed men numbering six arrived at the bank premises around 2 pm operated unhindered for over 30 minutes carting away unspecified amount of money from the bank during operation.
THE Government has guaranteed "full plans" are in place to deliver an unhindered supply of medicines in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
THE concessionary bus pass has, for the last few years, given me and scores of other elderly citizens the financial freedom to visit friends, go shopping and generally socialise and get about this green and pleasant land unhindered with the worry of cost.
Station House Officer Civil Lines police station Farhan Karim along with police team, removed all the encroachments and ensured unhindered flow of traffic at Kutchery Chowk and Jhang Mor roads.
I.., I'm confident that we'll have the unhindered supply of medicines so long as the plans that we have in place are properly enacted.
UN Spokesperson Steacutephane Dujarric told reporters at UN Headquarters that General Cammaert had reiterated the commitment of the UN to help the parties to de-escalate tensions" and highlighted the primacy of the humanitarian goal of the ceasefire and the importance of securing unhindered flow of humanitarian aid", during the inaugural RCC briefing.
"The solution to the status of Sandzak will ensure the right of Bosniaks to political existence, enable unhindered economic and social development and give equal opportunities to all the peoples living in SandA3/4ak, in accordance with the good practices of European regions," Ugljanin emphasized, adding that Bosniaks are the autochthonous people in SandA3/4ak and that they constitute a national minority in both, Serbia and Montenegro.
NEW YORK -- Pakistan permanent representative to UN Maleeha Lodhi has said India is trampling basic human rights in Occupied Kashmir unhindered and international community should take solid and meaningful steps to sort our Kashmir conundrum
During his meetings in Juba, Rycroft emphasized the need for the government to engage meaningfully in the peace process and underlined the need to ensure unhindered access for humanitarian workers.
'We therefore strongly believe that the companies should be allowed to continue operating unhindered in the Philippines,' he added.