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(of stone especially) not given a finished form by or as if by hewing

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Unhewn wood is like the Dao in being natural and not anything in particular.
happiness" of "the ancient days," "when our wants were not more simple than our enjoyments were keen (...) when blue rivers ran undammed, between hills unhewn, into far forest solitudes, premieval, odorous, and unexplored." (Poe 1975: 445)
On sort of knowing: The Daoist unhewn. Common Knowledge, 19(1), 111-130.
According to the researchers, the mysterious rock pile is 10 metres high and 70 metres in diameter, made up of "unhewn basalt cobbles and boulders," and weighs around 60,000 tons, News.com.au reported.
When the post-flood humans said to one another; come let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly (11:3) they wanted to build their city with uniform manufactured bricks instead of natural unhewn stones.
One example of this process is manifest in the central California town of Hanford, where the restored Hanford Taoist Temple and Museum displays an unhewn log as a representation of religious Taoism.
The effect of the tableaux was described in the Globe: "One is unconsciously taken back to the unhewn forests, and brought forward, step by step, through the gradual processes of our ever-growing civilization until we behold Toronto, the Queen City of a great Province, the centre of a thriving, populous agricultural district, a growing, stirring, unresting metropolis, the proud possessor of colleges of national repute, indomitable commercial pluck and enterprise, and vast material wealth." (71)
<![CDATA[ Artist Assaf Kidron builds altar according to Torah specifications, of unhewn stones that no iron tool has been lifted upon.<br/><br/>]]>
Critiquing modern farming in his book Altars of Unhewn Stone, he showed us how, in this age of overwhelming information, we're actually losing wisdom.
In "Paschal Wilderness" Menashe creates one of his most vivid spiritual landscapes: Blue funnels the sun Each unhewn stone Every derelict stem Engenders Jerusalem
Serres' point is that it is possible to traverse such a divide, but only by undertaking the most testing of journeys, one which will involve much doubling back and complex navigation (Brown, 2002) The multiple as such, unhewn and little unified, is not an epistemological monster, but on the contrary the ordinary lot of situations, including that of the ordinary scholar, regular knowledge, everyday work, in short our common object.
Having refreshed our selves, they invited us to the Pallace of their Prince or chief Ruler, some two miles distant off from the place where we landed; which we found to be about the bigness of one of our ordinary village houses, it was supported with rough unhewn pieces of Timber, and covered very artificially with boughs, so that it would keep out the greatest showers of Rain, the sides thereof were adorned with several sorts of Flowers, which the fragrant fields there do yield in great variety.
Two altars of unhewn stone, a three-wick pillar candle surrounded by hundreds of tea lights, rocking guitars and a sanctuary full of church leaders worshipping God with abandon.
from childhood on he experiences and reveres unhewn rocks as witnesses of prehistory which are eager to acquire language?' (24)