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Synonyms for unhesitating

Synonyms for unhesitating

characterized by quickness and firmness


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For the entire human race, for our beloved Country, we will give them to this gentleman unhesitating. We, the most humble and teeny-weeny sect in this country, will submit our substantial possessions, not small on any count, for the betterment of our fellow beings and brothers of this great Nation.
Death is in regard to things of the gods an unhesitating teacher of moderation for opinions; and to behave as a mortal means a life free of grief.
Mani's unhesitating willingness to help whenever he was asked, be it to do clinics and emergency calls at state hospitals, or become an ATLS and basic surgical skills instructor or a journal club presenter, represented the most admirable example of altruism, selflessness and goodness.
State constitutional law--and especially its reestablished legitimacy and unhesitating use by judges at all levels of New York judiciary--have helped make the New York judicial system the leading and, in my opinion, the best in the nation.
"Shay (Given), too, has been unhesitating in answering the manager's call.
He speaks with the unhesitating assurance of some one who has really thought about markets, products, and trends to put together a cohesive strategy.
Putin knows his Seneca and is the beneficiary of both the working class gullibility and his own unhesitating use of dogma to wield power."
This lack of attention is based on two realities of military life: education engenders the habit of questioning, while sound discipline, particularly in combat, requires unhesitating obedience; furthermore, education requires reflection, but war demands action.
Yet, they deserve our unhesitating support," he said.
China has provided unhesitating support at times when other friends of Sri Lanka have shown reluctance.
but after a moment I started to really think about that unhesitating move from imperfection to failure and what it means.
Rule's unhesitating answer: 'Steve O'Connor.' Reassuring to know.
Ask most serious whitetail hunters which state boasts the best odds for taking a buck with true trophy potential and most will offer an unhesitating "Iowa: It's also one of the hardest to get tags.
Ambitious but achievable policy reform when the political circumstances are ripe--and it's Left 3.0 that will adjudicate ripeness--is now the sine qua non for the Left's full and unhesitating support for the Democratic Party.