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in an unhelpful manner


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And as Louis' mum rather unhelpfully whispers on her death bed: "Terrible things happen to kings." Great, thanks for the vote of confidence mum.
While the decision not to challenge some of these traditional narratives -- particularly surrounding culpability for Jesus's death -- may moor the story unhelpfully, readers may appreciate the familiarity of latter pages.
On its part, Pakistan said India "unhelpfully continues to link all other administrative aspects to the visa issue which is indeed regrettable and is lately behaving in most uncooperative way".
However, the Chelsea centre-back says that match has blown away the cobwebs ahead of the trip to Slovenia, which comes during what he believes is an unhelpfully late international window.
Rosanna O'Connor, national Director of Alcohol and Drugs at Public Health England said: "The risks for users of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS -- sometimes unhelpfully called legal highs) can be particularly high especially when so little is known about their content, which can be dangerous and in some cases, even lead to death.
"The government should pay back the value-based pricing of its assets to the company because of difficulties in managing the company since the issuance of the administrative court rule of the invalidated contract of sale of the company," Kaki said."The government is now at stake, either to prove its respect for the judiciary and investors, or to keep unhelpfully silent."
No doubt when Sir Michael opens a channel to George and Joe, they will knock the table, shake their heads, and tell him, unhelpfully, that they would not be starting from where he now is.
Suspended unhelpfully between these two divergent attitudes are the half-dozen or so Ville Rose residents whom we meet, mostly, while the runaway Claire is in hiding, resisting separation from her father.
There is nothing left in the locker but the 'winning post' of page 206 must be reached somehow, so Holland struggles on through chapters of increasing irrelevance leading to a conclusion seemingly shorn of any editorial input and unhelpfully unindexed.
It finds the Prime Minister backed into a corner in the House late last month, forced to pledge to tackle soaring energy bills himself--this time by doing away with environmental subsidies, or "green taxes" as he unhelpfully describes them.
"At a time when new mums are focused on building bonds with their newborns, the media unhelpfully churns out a set of impossible standards on losing baby weight within ridiculous timeframes," she (http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/jul/28/duchess-baby-weight-coverage-media) told the Sunday Times, "We need to move away from the idea that women have to shed their baby weight quickly and that they're failing somehow if they don't.
"OK, what about if I smash the s**t out of it and we tell everyone it's Eton Mess," Rhod added, somewhat unhelpfully. And the fact he was fighting back peels of laughter as he said it probably didn't do much to diffuse the tense situation either, although it did make for a very enjoyable opening episode in the latest series of his Baftawinning BBC Wales Work Experience show, the funny man's fourth to date.
Coptic Church officials in Egypt have unhelpfully urged Christian girls to wear a headscarf in this conservative Muslim country.
"These events endanger the anticipated national dialogue and unhelpfully delay a return to constitutional order, and the restoration of the territorial integrity of Mali," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement.