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Synonyms for unhealthy

Synonyms for unhealthy

not sustaining or promoting health

utterly reprehensible in nature or behavior

susceptible to or marked by preoccupation with unwholesome matters

Synonyms for unhealthy

not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind

detrimental to health

not conducive to good health

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Farmers and electricians are the next unhealthiest workers says the poll by healthcare firm Medicash.
The photo with the newspaper story only made matters worse, showing five woozy-looking dancers on the floor, suggesting that dancers are about the unhealthiest group of performers imaginable.
How the states rank nationally in health Minnesota and Utah are the healthiest states in which to live, and Alaska is the unhealthiest.
A five-year study of 15,000 Control Data Corporation employees showed that workers with the unhealthiest life-style habits had the highest medical bills.
The United States Census of 1890 designated Newark as the unhealthiest city in America.
A report from the unhealthiest place on the planet for children: sub-Saharan Africa.
Wolverhampton and Walsall, left, are two of the unhealthiest spots in the country, according to health indicators.
SOME of the unhealthiest cereals contain more sugar than they did in 2012, with children eating up to the equivalent of seven and a half Cadbury fingers for breakfast, according to a charity.
And the obesity epidemic is hitting towns and cities harder than rural areas, with London unhealthiest of all.
Women in their 50s lead some of the unhealthiest lives, tending to be more inactive and overweight than other age groups.
UK healthcare firm Bupa said that middle-aged women are among the unhealthiest groups in the country because they eat too much and exercise too little, while other groups are shortening their life expectancy through smoking and drinking, reports the Telegraph.
The unhealthiest city in Britain has now become the worst for council tax arrears.
Previously famous for inspecting the poo of some of the nation's unhealthiest people, Gillian has now become just as well-known for amateur dramatics that are worthy of an Oscar.
Billions of dollars have been spent on community programmes, housing and education, yet Aborigines remain the poorest, unhealthiest and most disadvantaged minority, with an average life span 17 years shorter than other Australians.
7 after being dubbed the City's Unhealthiest Man in November 2007.