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Synonyms for unhealthful

not sanitary or healthful

detrimental to good health

detrimental to health

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But there are data showing that adolescents who eat a poor diet and/or are sedentary likely will sustain those unhealthful habits as they age, said Dr.
This process is now being tested with the support of the Competence Networks for optical Technologies, in a pilot study with 50 students, aiming to investigate whether young people will change their lifestyles and eating habits, if the consequences of unhealthful diets or the effects of the last party with alcohol and nicotine are made directly visible to them.
Begin today by throwing out all foods with unhealthful fats.
Trafton and Gordon (both Institute for Disease Management, a division of the Institute for Brain Potential, Los Altos, California) present a three-volume Best Practices Series on the prevention and management of unhealthful behavior and chronic disease.
In addition, the cranberry extract prevents unhealthful bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract, where they can cause infections.
It runs counter to the Girl Scouts' mission, and this product and its marketing campaign deliver a very unhealthful message to young girls and others.
Women of childbearing age have long been warned that the effects of any unhealthful practices would be visited on their children.
Voots tarts, billed as a breakthrough nutritional supplement for children, were conceived during a kitchen conversation between iSatori chief executive officer Stephen Adele and his wife about their daughters' unhealthful eating habits.
For example, some states have initiated financial disincentives by allowing some kinds of unhealthful foods to be taxable.
Nutritionists say the study should be a wake-up call for soda drinkers, noting that a zero-calorie beverage can't undo the damage of an unhealthful diet.
Last year, the American Lung Association gave Fairfield County an "F" for unhealthful air.
In the recent flurry of publicity over the popularity of low-carbohydrate diets, some diet promoters have depicted beer as an unhealthful source of fattening carbohydrates.
Arnie is confident the plant will reduce air pollution, but he has come under fire from activists who say it will actually spew nearly three times more unhealthful matter into the air.
John Mackey, the founder and CEO of Whole Foods natural products superstores, recently told the press that he reluctantly agreed to sell coffee--along with meat, seafood, beer and wine because he considers such foodstuffs unhealthful.