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Synonyms for unhardened

not brought to a proper consistency or hardness


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The beads used were obtained by cutting from unhardened soft wire OL37, of particles [empty set]2X4.
Positioned inside the world of the film, and yet distant spectator, he casts the unhardened look on events that the film suggests we adopt: a look that is capable of being scandalized.
The Unimills MasterCraft[R] 100 (cream layer) and 200 (centre fillings) series feature unhardened confectionery fats.
The engraver, which can be used on materials such as unhardened glass, soft plastics, leather and wood, costs pounds 28.
The engraver comes with two carbide tips, which can be used on materials such as unhardened glass, soft plastics, leather and wood, plus one diamond tip for use on hardened glass, ceramics, hard plastics and metal.
The unhardened cuticle of newly emerged first instars could make them more vulnerable to chemical or entomopathogenic control.
Palila (Loxioides bailleui) of all age classes primarily consume the unhardened seeds of the mamane (Sophora chrysophylla) and have relatively low reproductive capacity (van Riper 1980, Banko et al.
Throughout Book 1 we see him sighing, crying or being frightened which suggests a rather unhardened state of mind and a rather emotional character.
After exposing the film to several hours of sunlight shining through a pinhole camera, Niepce developed the film by washing away the unhardened tar with paint thinner to reveal a recorded image of the view from his home near Chalon-sur-Saone in Burgundy.
3) Value Basis Value Basis Value Basis 232 Unhardened 5,669 1,672 1,840 Rubber Parings and Scrap 251 Pulp and 80,027 7 9 Scrap Paper 282 Ferrous Scrap; 19,840 -- -- Re-melting Ingots of Iron or Steel 288 Nonferrous 49,386 3 3 Base Metal Scrap 289 Ores and 2,832 -- -- Concentrates of Precious Metals; Scrap and Sweepings of Precious Metals (excluding gold) 579 Plastics Parings 5,988 114 140 and Scrap * (In thousands of dollars) 1, Standard International Trade Classification 2, Free Alongside Ship value of merchandise at U.
He then washed the unhardened material from the plate with a mixture of oil of lavender and white petroleum, leaving the faint image of his courtyard in relief.
Photoinhibition at chilling temperature: Fluorescence characteristics of unhardened and cold-acclimated spinach leaves.
In contrast, the air forces in the South comprised 203 Korean fighters and 151 American fighters, at unhardened bases.
These are simply blends of compounds that allow young, unhardened citrus trees to supercool more deeply and survive at around 22 [degrees]F," Yelenosky explains.