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not brought to a proper consistency or hardness


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Transient faults injected into the unhardened programs are categorized according to their effects (Table 3) and then compared with the results of injection into the 3 safe versions (CFCSS, RSCFC and CFCVE), as reported in Table 4.
EMP damages unhardened electrical circuits and electronics by generating a surge in the current and voltage beyond normal functioning capacity.
The blacks of the graphics-the toner from the photocopier--block the light from the partially (20%) hardened polymer underneath, leaving it mainly soft, This process is counterintuitive in that the longer the image is exposed on the plate, the lighter the image becomes, The plate is then washed out in water, and the unhardened areas of plate dissolve away with a gentle rub of a sponge, revealing a column-like structure, Finally, the plate is dried and post-hardened under light for about ten minutes before it is ready to be inked up and printed through a press.
The fatigue failure of nitrided samples in the small load region begins inside the sample in the boundary, which separates the nitrided (hardened) and unhardened metal (Fig.
I turned unhardened drill rod to make replacement cocking pins, and they worked perfectly.
Out of necessity, Orange Vise would also grind the non-critical, unhardened surfaces to create a uniform appearance over the entire workpiece.
The unhardened flat-tip steel core is covered by a lead sleeve that does not fill the entire interior of the jacket, leaving a hollow cavity inside the nose--the focal point of the imbroglio over its wounding potential.
The intensely lyrical and human score reflects the maturity of Puccini's characters, experienced in life yet unhardened by it.
Portions of the emulsion that are sheltered from exposure by black ink on the positive film will remain unhardened and wash out when exposed to water.
"What makes HULK dangerous is the fact that a single malicious actor with a single computer could feasibly take down a small, unhardened web server in minutes.
It refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivery to the customer's construction site in a freshly mixed unhardened state.
Massive ordnance penetrators, lesser but precision-guided penetrators "drilling" one after another, fuel-air detonations with almost the power of nuclear weapons, conventional air strikes against laboratories and unhardened targets, and the destruction of the Iranian electrical grid, are all feasible means.
When a man so evidently unhardened by 22 years of infamous Italian press intrusion held an entire conference this week to discuss his taking exception to the media's drawing satirical parallels between him and the remixed version of Colonel Gaddafi's EoACAyZenga Zenga' speech on youtube.com, it only sought to confirm his character traits.