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Synonyms for unhandy

difficult to handle or manage

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Weapons of bone, Unhandy and blunt, they brandish in their clumsy grips.
"You don't know how unhandy it is to get water from the spring, Uriah.
Despite his "agreeable personality and great ambition and willingness," Anderson wrote, what justification could Stefansson offer for recruiting someone with "no experience at all in field or outdoor work, very unhandy in picking up ship, sledge, and camp technique, and unskilled in caring for himself under difficult circumstances"?
To Nick, brought up to army discipline on the move, it looked a thoroughly unhandy expedition.
Since it was founded in the 1930s by the Kristiansen family in Billund, Denmark, this consumer good has allowed youngsters, no matter how clueless and unhandy, to feel the instant gratification of making stuff.
This reading does not attribute authority over language and thought to matter--"sensuousness" as Karl Marx called it or any other shorthand for the real--rather, it situates matter as a resistance to interpretation, a lack of motive, a "grammatical" formality and inevitability which are discovered in somewhat the same way that Heidegger's hammer becomes "unhandy." De Man's version of "materiality" is "prosaic" and alien to personification and metaphor, historical in the sense that it happens in time but not narrative or end-driven.
The next thing we've never been in love with from Honda is the reverse system, which requires three steps and is unhandy when doing work that requires back-and-forth action such as plowing snow.
And although it would be unhandy to can all of that pretty fast, I could do that, too.
Daizy is desolate--feeling bereft at the loss of connection with her girlfriends is bad enough, but her unhandy Dad's building a boat and sailing it, novice that he is, is a disaster, especially as Daizy can't swim!
But Alistair, as we now own over half their banks, what's so ridiculous about us telling Sir Fred and unhandy Andy, that from now on in they won't be allowed to award themselves 10 times more than the PM himself and well over 100 times more than the average salary of their customers?
Feldman proposes that his strategy is to make words into "unhandy tools" and thereby to perform what he also argues about the unhandy tool.
I still have a couple of copies of the book of the series with my name on the cover, which Joanna thinks is a huge joke because she knows just how unhandy I really am, whereas Richard built his own house.
As the Dragons fidgeted in their seats, unhandy Andy stared wildly into space and cried: "I totally can't talk."
The index volume weighs seven pounds; it and the others are bound in the slipperiest, most unhandy cover material that has ever afflicted us.
Two-wheeled edgers give better traction but are unhandy for edging around a house foundation or trees.