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I don't think I will be able to avoid running on to the pitch screaming, "unhand my darling child you thug!", so I say I won't be able to watch this season.
*In which case, shouldn't you unhand our girl, you old dog?
During life, she protected them from the violence of nature as well as human evil; after death, as Empress of Hell, she commanded fiends to unhand their souls.
unhand me, greybeard loon" has been expressed silently if not as eloquently by generations of lecture-hall recipients of the "right question." For college students, the question of motivation and consistent processing even of the most profound lecture is always a problem.
He Heil-Hitlered us with his humorless simper, bleating Heil Hitler like a nanny goat; my brother smartly returned the salute and said, "With German Greeting, Sieg Heil!" The "man" stared at my brother as if he were loco, and asked us to open our luggage and unhand the itemized list.
A hundred years on from Cookson's classic "unhand me, Sir Jasper" bosom heavings, the dialogue dipped deliciously from plummy puddings with lines like "you revolting little twerp" to dance hall doxies delivering right-handers and later apologising because they were "a pint or two for the worse".
The handsome young doctor, struggling unsuccessfully against the sexual aggression of a woman, is saved by the timely entrance of her much more attractive brother, who delivers Williams's equivalent of "unhand that girl, you swine!": "Cathie!
Officer, unhand me this instant." In my scenario--and perhaps I'm a bit cynical--Officers Powell and Bresino would confidently drop poor Jack off in some Simi Valley-like neighborhood and tell him to stay out of the ghetto and put on some pants.
Unhand part of the rim if the lid vents so the hot rinse will spurt away from you.
They are plenty long for even taller shooters, and allow you the panache to say, "Unhand her you ruffian!" as you point your bigbore Enfield at the miscreant.
So watch out for plenty of bodice-ripping after the burgundy at the Big House and a fair few "unhand me, Sir Jaspers" as the winsome Weeks girls play out their ragtime bond.
"At One O'Clock in the Morning" is one of Baudelaire's many poems that says 'unhand me' to the world, that seeks a more authentic self, that follows 'undulations of reverie' and 'somersaults of conscience.' I equate the world here with the social realm of other people, the cares of worldliness, as in Wordsworth's sonnet "The world is too much with us, late and soon." Everything in the first two paragraphs marks this as a prose poem moving in the direction of a visionary lyric, a poem that aspires to go through prose toward grace.
But she's been snogging like a schoolgirl with ex-Rugby League bruiser turned barman Terry Wood and then giving him the old "unhand me sir, I'm a respectable married woman" routine.